Archived: Madonna Thunder Hawk: The Struggle Never Ends – Intergenerational Indigenous Activism

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SAMRU’s Native Student Centre (NSC), in partnership with Mount Royal University, welcomes Madonna Thunder Hawk who will be discussing her presentation entitled The Struggle Never Ends – Intergenerational Indigenous Activism.

Madonna Thunder Hawk is a member of the Oohenumpa band of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and is grandmother to a generation of Native American activists. She was an original member of the American Indian Movement, a co-founder of Women of All Red Nations (WARN), and is currently the Lakota People’s Law Project’s principal organizer and Tribal Liaison. Thunder Hawk has been featured in several documentary films including the recent PBS series We Shall Remain. Through her work, Thunder Hawk builds alliances and support for child welfare among South Dakota’s tribal leaders and communities.

All members of the MRU community are invited to come listen, learn, and participate in this NSC Speaker Series session.

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