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In January a number of students were offered the chance to participate in Mental Health First Aid training through SAMRU. One student reflected on her experience through poetry.

Thank you SAMRU

By Julia Nicholls, Peer Support Centre practicum student

What people go through,
Some might never understand.
That is why it was good to have this course –
Mental Health First Aid, on hand.

We learned what to do in a crisis situation,
We learned how to listen.
My knowledge of mental health flourished,
Now it glistens.

The SAMRU did a fabulous job,
Getting the word out about this course to students.
The event filled up so fast,
There was no need for recruitment.

It was great that this was at Mount Royal University,
It made it easy to attend.
I would give this course an A+,
I would also recommend it to a friend!

Thank you SAMRU for paying attention,
Especially with something that is sometimes swept under the rug.
You deserve applause for your kindness,
And a great big hug!

If you would like to participate in a future Mental Health First Aid class, please contact the Peer Support Centre: or stay on top of everything happening in the centre by joining the Facebook group: