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By Dawn Linnemoller

Calling all aspiring Princesses (and Princes!), it’s time to meet your fairy godmother, Canadian financial guru and TV superstar Gail Vaz-Oxlade!

If your designer-name pocketbook is feeling a bit too light after tuition, books, and the holiday season, now is a great time to learn the skills from Gail to get control of your money and your life!

Gail will be appearing in Wyckham House courtesy of your Students’ Association.

“Gail Vaz-Oxlade is the host of two Canadian TV shows, Til Debt Do Us Part and Princess” commented Stephanie Symington, SAMRU Events Coordinator. Both of these shows focus on teaching Canadians how to manage their money and budget responsibly. “Gail will be speaking to students on this topic and giving tips and advice specifically for students” added Peer Support Coordinator Kellie Nixon.

Gail will be joining us in Wyckham House on January 15th at noon on the main stage, and the Peer Support Centre will be hosting a money management workshop after Gail’s presentation where you can put some of her advice to use hands-on!

Still have money-management questions? Contact the Peer Support Centre!
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Budget well!