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Many students come to Mount Royal University unsure of where their post-secondary education journey will take them. For many, finding guidance through their advisor, professors, and fellow students is a major factor contributing to their success and confidence. Another piece of the puzzle can also be a personal mentor, and the SAMRU’s Native Student Centre is hoping to help make some of those connections.

“A lot of students don’t necessarily know what they want to study; they don’t know if they’ll be successful, and they don’t always feel that what they want to study will mesh well with their culture, language, and background” commented Native Student Centre Coordinator Cory Cardinal. “There is a lot of support for Aboriginal students to pursue a wide range of fields of study, but I see a lot of Aboriginal students going into Open Studies and still feeling a bit lost. They don’t always see a lot of their peers succeeding in varied fields after graduation, even though so many do.”

SAMRU’s Native Student Centre is hosting a mentorship mixer on March 26th to help bridge that gap. All Mount Royal University students, regardless of their cultural background, are welcome to attend and meet MRU alumni from a variety of Aboriginal backgrounds.

SAMRU First Nations Inuit and Metis Alumni Mentorship Mixer
March 26
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, 2nd floor of Wyckham House
Presented in partnership between SAMRU’s Native Student Centre (NSC) the SAMRU 7Gisa club, Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiative, and the Iniskim Centre

“This mixer will be a great first step to connect Aboriginal alumni with current MRU students” said Cardinal. “Students will have the chance to meet their future colleagues and employers, and alumni will also have the opportunity to network with one another. It’s all about creating successful connections.”

Snacks will be served from the fantastic Hub kitchen.

This event is one of many Native Awareness events happening in March. For the complete line-up of Native Awareness events, please visit the NSC Web page at:

– by Dawn Linnemoller

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