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New for the 2013-14 academic year, ratified clubs can now apply for the Club Collaboration Fund. The $250.00 Fund is designated for entertainment for collaborative club events, and includes the assistance of SAMRU programming staff in booking entertainment to create more successful events.

The Club Collaboration Fund is available to event collaborations in The Hub where there are at least three (3) clubs involved. All bookings in The Hub using the Fund must be booked through the Clubs Coordinator, as per regular booking processes for The Hub. The total amount granted for entertainment will not exceed more than $250.00 per collaboration event.

Clubs Coordinator Amber Mader explained that eligible entertainment would include bands, DJs, karaoke machines, and similar forms of entertainment.  Additional entertainment costs incurred over the approved amount will be at the expense of the clubs. Additional costs for entertainment might be things like band riders, and clubs are also responsible to cover all of the other event-related expenses such as décor and advertising.

Clubs wishing to take advantage of the Club Collaboration fund can submit an application form with the Activity Application & Agreement Form. Each individual club can receive the Fund for one collaboration per semester, though students may find that sharing the workload for event planning will make for easier, more profitable, and more enjoyable events. There is a set limit for this fund in each academic year, and applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Some ideas for collaborations:

  • Throw a dance party with your favourite local DJ
  • Bring in your favourite local band with the help of a few other SAMRU clubs
  • Host a talent show, karaoke, or a comedy night
  • Join up with other clubs to host an Open Mic night
  • Collaborate to host Punk Rock Bingo, Metal Night, Old School Hip-Hop, Dubstep, or a CrabCore night in The Hub
  • Plan a theme party with a few other clubs to celebrate the holidays or the end of classes.

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–  By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator
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