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Our roundup of SAMRU and post secondary news that made headlines in November.


Treaty 7 and Métis flags permanently raised on Mount Royal campus

As part of Indigenous Awareness Week, the Treaty 7 and Métis flags were raised alongside the Canada and Alberta flags at Mount Royal, in a ceremony attended by members of Treaty 7, the Métis community, and Mount Royal students and faculty. Many see this as a positive step towards greater inclusion and reconciliation for the years of erasure of Indigenous histories and perspectives from academic settings. The decision to raise the flags is part of Mount Royal’s plan for indigenizing the campus over the next three years.


Stepping Up program takes aim at sexual domestic violence on post secondary campuses

Stepping Up, a program led and facilitated by Mount Royal students, is opening up a conversation about domestic violence. Experts say that post secondary students fall into the highest-risk demographic for experiencing sexual and domestic violence; Stepping Up hopes to ensure that resources are available on campus to aid victims and to educate their peers about how they can help.


Councillors say spur line to MRU would be too expensive, disruptive

Calgary City Council met this month to assess the feasibility of a spur line connecting the West LRT, also known as the Blue Line, with Mount Royal. Some councillors feel that connecting the West Line with MRU would be too disruptive and expensive to move ahead with now, and that any practical implementation of the plan would be at least two decades away.

Instead, there is some interest in a low-floor streetcar line that would connect the university to the Blue Line. Current research suggests this would cost about half as much as an LRT spur line, and the vehicles would be able to either mesh with existing traffic or be provided a reserved right-of-way. However, the project would join a queue of unfunded transit projects.

New rules for government student loans kick in today

New student loan repayment rules announced during Ottawa’s spring federal budget kick in today, meaning graduates don’t have to start repayments until they earn at least $25,000 a year, among other changes. More on this from CBC here.




Mount Royal University moves to add fall reading week

You’ve probably already heard the news, but in case you haven’t…starting in 2017, MRU students will get a four-day fall reading break! SAMRU has been advocating for this for a long time, and we’re absolutely thrilled to see it become a reality.



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