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TK-Presidents-Message-blogAs your SAMRU President-elect for the 2014-2015 academic year, I want to welcome back all returning students to MRU, and welcome all incoming students who are joining us here for the first time.

There are many parts that make MRU a great place to learn. Small class sizes, a beautiful campus that makes top-ten lists, face-to-face connections with faculty and staff, a competitive athletics program with great facilities, and a vibrant student center as the hub for non-academic student life are just a few of the benefits you can appreciate at MRU.

SAMRU, the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University, plays a big part in what makes MRU great – and as a credit student at MRU, you’re a member of SAMRU. The elected Executive Committee, including myself along with a dynamic group of governors on Students’ Council, are here to represent your interests and advocate on your behalf while leading a multi-million dollar nonprofit organization. Our full and part-time staff and dozens of volunteers throughout Wyckham House are here to support you in a variety of ways ranging from advocacy in the classroom, free breakfast, emergency student loans, affordable printing & supplies, student initiatives and more.

As you get settled into your new school year routine, there are a few key services that I want to bring to your attention.

First – your health & dental plan. The Students’ Association, through Gallivan & Associates Student Networks, provides students with a comprehensive set of extended health and dental insurance benefits. Students taking nine credits or more at Mount Royal University are automatically enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plans. The fees for these plans are collected by MRU and remitted to SAMRU to pay the plan premiums for students. Be sure to take advantage of this plan, and note important dates like the October 3rd opt-out/add-on date.

Second – your U-Pass. The U-Pass is a unique validation sticker applied to your current Mount Royal Campus Card. It grants full access to available transit services during the semester. With parking at Mount Royal University being a topic students regularly discuss and bring to us as your student representatives, I want to strongly encourage you to take advantage of your U-Pass this year as much as possible. The best way to show Calgary Transit that MRU students need timely, fast, reliable, and flexible transit service is to thoroughly use the services that currently exists.

Third – get involved with student life! If you’re coming to MRU, going to class, and then going home directly after, you’re missing out on a lot of what student life at MRU has to offer. If you want to make new friends come up to the second and third floors of Wyckham House and visit one of our six student service centers like the Peer Support Centre, the Pride Center, Cultural Mosaic Centre, Native Student Centre among others. If you want to stay active, consider joining an intramural group or take advantage of your Recreation pass. If you want to pursue personal goals, create networking opportunities within your field of study, or explore cultural themes consider joining one of the many student-run clubs SAMRU helps facilitate or even consider starting your own.

Your membership in SAMRU comes with a lot of services, opportunities, and rights – and it also comes with a few responsibilities. I want to personally encourage you to get involved as much as you can. If you want to see real change hands-on, you can volunteer, start a club, or run for a position with Students’ Council. I hope that every student will come to “town hall” style meetings we’ll hold in Wyckham House this year to hear your feedback and answer your questions, and most important of all, I hope to see every MRU credit student and member of SAMRU come to our annual AGM (In November) and vote in SAMRU elections (in the winter semester).

The 2014-2015 academic year is going to be an exciting one filled with change, challenges, and new opportunities – and SAMRU is here to serve each and every MRU credit student as they face all of them.

Erik Queenan
SAMRU President, 2014-2015
Phone: (403) 440-6993 

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