Archived: Put down the Kraft Dinner! 7 ways to eat more fruits and veggies

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What’s on your dinner menu for tonight? Cold pizza? Ramen? It doesn’t have to be! It can be hard to eat a balanced diet in university when you’re short on time and cash. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of EASY and AFFORDABLE things you can do to start incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals.

1) Order a Good Food Box from SAMRU

No need for a special trip to the grocery store. Fresh, affordable produce is available right on campus. Head to SAMRU Reception on the 2nd floor in Wyckham to order a Good Food Box full of in-season, fresh fruits and vegetables (cash only). Varying sizes of boxes available depending on your needs. Boxes will be delivered once per month in the Fall 2017 semester. Order and delivery dates available here.

2) Double the veggies required for a recipe

Recipe only call for one cup of veg? Double it! Better yet, customize your meal by adding other veggies in addition to the ones asked for in the recipe! You’ll not only have a healthier meal prepared, but you’ll also deepen the flavour profile of your cooking.

3) Hide veggies in your favourite comfort foods

It’s not just a good way to get kids to eat vegetables. It works! Making spaghetti? Add some grated zucchini or carrots to the sauce. Or, if you’re feeling very Rachael Ray, cauliflower pizza dough is all the rage and you can find a ton of different recipes online. They even claim to be better than traditional pizza dough (but we’ll let you be the judge of that). Here’s a simple cauliflower crust recipe that only needs a handful of ingredients.

4) Meal prep for the week

Eliminate the “I don’t have time to eat healthy” excuse from your rhetoric by pre-planning your weekly meals! Make big batches of soup, sauce, or stir-fry to have veggie-filled lunches all week long (you may have to make a one-time investment in some Tupperware). To get you through long days of classes, bag some fruit and veggie snacks to grab on the go!

5) Make a breakfast smoothie

Breakfast is one of the most skipped meals of the day, especially for busy students. Making a smoothie in the morning is a delicious and nutritious (and quick) way to make sure you’re not skipping the most important meal of the day. If you need more inspiration, eating breakfast within an hour of waking up improves your concentration (for those particularly long lectures) and gives you more energy (so you don’t fall asleep during said lectures). Pop in your favourite fruit and/or veg and you’ll be ready to start the day! Here’s a couple of our faves for you to try: Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie and Tropikale Green Smoothie.

6) Cravings? Make your favourite unhealthy snacks, healthy!

Easily satisfy your sweet, salty, or crunchy cravings by making your own chips at home in the microwave! Sure you could buy a bag of pre-made apple or kale chips, but where’s the fun in that? Not to mention it’ll get expensive, quick. No need for pricy, and bulky, dehydrators either. Find out how here!

7) Say goodbye to hangovers (based on ACTUAL research!)

The last, and undoubtedly most important, argument for eating more fruits and vegetables? Curing those hangover woes. Asparagus has been scientifically proven to help the body break down alcohol after a night of binging. Eat it for dinner before a night out, and you can kiss those headaches goodbye! Too late to prevent symptoms from your binge? Bananas are a good source of potassium which will give your body the electrolytes it needs to fight off your hangover.


Luckily, the Good Food Box will provide you with all the fresh produce you’ll need to start doing these things at home. In-season, convenient, and affordable! You’ll have no trouble getting your 7-10 servings per day. Order one by the deadline at SAMRU Reception (Room Z222) in Wyckham House. Don’t be a vegetable; get cooking!

Fall Semester 2017

Order Date Delivery Date     
September 4 September 13
September 25 October 4
October 23 November 1
November 20 November 29

For more information, please visit our Good Food Box page or contact the Student Initiatives Programmer by email or phone (403) 440-7779.