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Over the years we’ve collected a number of great stories to help MRU students get ready for back-to-school in the fall. Check out some of our past stories:


Learn more about budgeting from our Student Advocacy Coordinator >> to make sure you get started off on the right foot!


Learn about the Health & Dental plan that SAMRU provides to all students taking nine or more credits >> Then stay tuned in September for an updated story with a 2014 deadline.


If you think you might want to join a student club or start your own, consider reading our article about student clubs >> Ratification is available at any time, and re-ratification begins in September.


Our Student Advocacy Coordinator can also help you with your conflict resolution skills >> start with this article, and then contact the Coordinator for additional support.


If you suspect you might need academic accommodations when you start classes, read this article first >> then follow up before classes start to make sure you’re getting all the support you need.


If you see photographers at events, you might be wondering how we use those photos. Read Click! Got your picture! >> to learn about photography and videography in Wyckham House.


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