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The Representation Executive Council (REC) works to represent your interests to Mount Royal, all three levels of government, and beyond – but lots of that work happens outside of the public eye. We’ll be publishing monthly newsletters from your REC to keep you informed and to give you a peek at what your student reps are working on behind the scenes.


President – Andrew Nguyen

We are back in full gear, and I have enjoyed welcoming you this month. I have been meeting with MRU administration to explore options to improve student transportation including parking, transit, biking, and more—this work and advocacy is ongoing. I am excited that student executives across Calgary have joined together with the Calgary Student Alliance so we can work together on joint initiatives. REC will be continuing to put pressure on the Alberta government for the release of the tuition review so that students know what to expect with their tuition in the future. 

Vice-President Academic – Cordelia Snowdon

Happy October MRU! Thank you to everyone who attended our Welcome Back BBQ on September 13th. It is always a pleasure to meet students, talk about issues, and help feed hungry students. This month, I am focusing on improving professors’ compliance with Academic Accommodation requirements. As an institution, we need to address the barriers faced by students experiencing disabilities, so I will be advocating to make sure faculty recognize their responsibilities and students understand their rights. I am also recruiting to fill my Advisory Committee, so please apply if you are interested in representing the academic needs of students! 

Vice-President External – Amanda LeBlanc

Fall is in the air, the Alberta Legislature is back in session this month, and I am working hard to make sure student concerns are at the forefront of our politicians’ minds. I am preparing Get Out The Vote campaigns for the upcoming provincial and federal elections, and I am excited to see and talk to many of you as I raise awareness about the elections on Main Street. Collaboration is something I value deeply, and I am currently planning the next meeting of the Calgary Student Alliance, where Students’ Associations and Unions across the city will come together to share common concerns and ideas to make the post-secondary experience in Calgary one we can all be proud of!

Vice-President Student Affairs – Shayla Breen

Cannabis legalization is this month! Due to city bylaws, all but a few students will be able to safely use cannabis, a soon-to-be-legal substance. This does not support harm reduction tactics, and we are worried about student safety. I am exploring the possibility for consumption sites on our campus, pending City Council’s endorsement—so the advocacy continues! I recently appointed three volunteers to my Advisory Committee. They are an important asset to my work and I am very lucky to have such an intelligent, creative, and passionate group helping me during my tenure!


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