Archived: Welcome Back: September updates from your Representation Executive Council

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The Representation Executive Council (REC) works to represent your interests to Mount Royal, all three levels of government, and beyond – but lots of that work happens outside of the public eye. We’ll be publishing monthly newsletters from your REC to keep you informed and to give you a peek at what your student reps are working on behind the scenes.


President – Andrew Nguyen

Welcome back! As President, I want to engage with you in a way that shows the value in our work at SAMRU. This year, I will be focusing on three things: student employment, transportation options, and student wellness. I want to ensure that students at MRU are given opportunities to have relevant employment experiences; to have an efficient UPASS, bus routes, biking options, and parking systems; and to promote physical and mental wellness during the year. Our summer has been focusing on lots of research to help you succeed this year!

Vice-President Academic – Cordelia Snowdon

I am excited to have the campus filled with students again and am looking forward to my second term of advocating to meet your needs. As VP Academic, I work to represent your interests on everything that affects your experience inside the classroom. I will be continuing to work to reduce textbook costs, improve academic accommodations, and ensure you know your rights and responsibilities as students. Let me know if you have ideas or thoughts about how to make your academic student experience better!

Vice-President External – Amanda LeBlanc

As the Fall Semester begins it is great to feel the energy of students, staff and faculty preparing for the upcoming academic year. I have spent the summer preparing to advocate to all levels of government, and to ensure all students have the best post-secondary experience possible. I will be focusing on affordability and predictability in higher education, as well as focusing on,international student supports, the Student Refugee program, and “Get Out The Vote” campaigns for the upcoming elections. I look forward to a year filled with advocacy and student engagement.

Vice-President Student Affairs – Shayla Breen

I am excited to say welcome back! I am here to advocate for your needs in the area of non-academic issues. Some of my focuses for this year include the old library space, cannabis harm-reduction, inclusive policy, and student representation. If you want to know more about some of my projects drop by my office. If I can offer you one piece of advice for this semester it would be to take advantage of every opportunity available to you.