Volunteer to Reduce Your Debt

Mount Royal students are already active volunteers in our community, and now there is a way to turn some of their volunteer work into a monetary advantage.

Through the Serving Communities Internship Program (SCIP), Alberta post-secondary students can apply for a $1,000 bursary towards their student debt for completing a volunteer internship with an Alberta nonprofit organization.

The idea for the program began right here at your Students’ Association of Mount Royal University in 2010. SAMRU worked with the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC), a group of student leaders who represent students in Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.

The Serving Communities Internship Program will benefit thousands of students in communities across Alberta , helping students to manage the cost of their education while gaining practical experience in their fields. The program runs in collaboration with Volunteer Alberta, and nonprofit organizations will benefit from the addition of skilled and dedicated volunteers.

For more information about the Serving Communities Internship Program please visit the SCIP website.

For more background about the program and ASEC’s involvement, please read the ASEC news release.



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