Archived: Season of Caring Donor Spotlight!

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We love hearing your stories of why you donate to the Season of Caring. This year, we wanted to profile some of our sponsors so you can hear why others chose to donate too (and maybe inspire you to do the same).

This page will be updated as people continue to donate this season. If you’d like to find out more about the program, please visit

Shifrah G.

I chose two recipients for Season of Caring this year. I chose people who were similar in age to me and have similar interests because I know some of the items they listed really make me feel good inside and create a feeling of comfort and warmth and I wanted somebody else to be able to experience that this season as well.

Cordelia S.

This is my 6th year sponsoring a family. My dad and I always sponsor at least one but usually two people, typically with similar interests to us. We really like to contribute to their experience over the break and ensure we’re supporting them in some way. It’s a small act, but it means so much. I can imagine the joy it brings people when they come to collect the items.

Wengel K.

I wanted to donate because, even though I’m a student, I feel like I have a lot and I wanted to share a bit of that this holiday season.

Michelle C.

When someone is asking for food and gas gift cards, you know they’re really in need. My office got together to do this and anyone who wanted to pitch in, did; I mean, we all have everything we need. It’s the time of year!

Anne T.

I think it’s really important during Christmas to give back, since it is the season of giving. I picked a mitten with grocery and gas gift card requests because I know it’s really difficult sometimes when you want to spend on yourself but you can’t because you need more important things.

Ciara S.

I chose to donate because my mom became a single mother two years ago and it was really hard and now that we have money to give back, we want to give back. I chose the kids that I did because they were just asking for basic necessities and during the holidays, I know, being a kid with a single mom, how hard it is to provide those basic necessities and I wanted to make sure that mom could provide for her family.

Dawn R. & Charlie R.

I’ve donated for a number of years and then when my son was born so we now donate together. I think it’s a really cool opportunity to instill a sense of community and we usually choose a child that’s similar in age to my son so we can pick out the present together. We chose a mitten of a boy who is also 4 years old.

Charlie: I’m 4!

Amy N.

I always donate and I tend to look for little kids around the same age as my daughter, who is 4 and a half, so we can take her to shop and explain that not all kids are as lucky as she is. I also feel like it’s a great opportunity to feel a connection with students on campus, while also teaching my daughter about privilege.

Christine M.

For the mittens, I chose two females; one was a younger girl, 6 years old, and the other was 16 years old. They both just reminded me of when I was their age because I love Disney and girly things just like them. It’s so nice to be able to give to people that I can see my younger self in. It’s a great feeling.

Crystal K.

I have donated to the Season of Caring for 17 years now. For me it’s tradition and it’s one of the things that keeps me connected to MRU and its students. There’s always so many things changing but this stays the same. This year, I selected an 11 year old boy and I’m having a blast shopping for him!

Carmen L.

I’m a first time donor and I just walked on by, saw the wall, and figured why not help out another student? I noticed a few of the mittens had places on them that I go to anyways so why not just spend a few extra dollars to make someone’s holiday season? It was easy to support a charity right on campus and I like the anonymous nature of it; it’s like a Secret Santa!

Madelaine R.

I know what it’s like to be a broke student and I wanted to contribute in any way that I could. I’ve donated to other organizations previously but I saw a mitten with a mall gift card on it. I love shopping and I wanted someone else to be able to go shopping too!