Archived: Should YOU apply for a SAMRU Award?

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The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) believes the ultimate goal of all Mount Royal University students is academic success and personal achievement. The SAMRU Awards recognize students who have contributed to their campus community in an outstanding way that inspires and enhances the lives of their fellow Mount Royal students.

So should YOU apply? The answer is: probably, yes. Especially if:

  • You spend your spare time trying to enrich the lives of others
  • You’ve overcome barriers to pursuing your education
  • You’ve enriched MRU’s Indigenous community through volunteerism
  • You enhance the profile and understanding of women, queer-identified, and/or transgender individuals in all aspects of campus life
  • You enhance the dignity and pride of culturally diverse individuals and create bridges of understanding within the larger campus community
  • You promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities on campus

The criteria for student candidates includes a high level of commitment and contribution to the campus community, including activeness within SAMRU and participation in campus activities. Strong academic achievement and volunteer contributions to community organizations are also very important. While academic performance isn’t the focus for every award, it may be a determining factor when choosing between candidates.

If you think you’re the perfect candidate, apply here! You can also nominate a friend (and even a Mount Royal instructor or staff member) if you feel they’re worthy of recognition. For more info, visit