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Do you ever sit back and think “Mount Royal University would be even better if ____!”? Well, put your good ideas to work and get some amazing experience at the same time! You can get experience running a multi-million dollar non-profit organization before you even graduate (talk about an amazing addition to your resume!). If you want to make your mark at MRU, give back to the community that has supported you throughout your post-secondary education, get a head start in your career – think about running for Students’ Council for 2013-14!

If you imagine yourself in politics, policy-making, non-profit management, public relations, social work, or lobbying, getting experience with SAMRU could be just what you need to get your foot in the door or make career decisions that could influence the rest of your life! At the same time you’ll be working with experienced professionals to guide you while standing up for the rights of students here at MRU as well as across the province and country!

This isn’t high school, and SAMRU’s Student Council does more than plan dances and hold bake sales. In the past few years your elected representatives have secured a fall reading day for MRU students, brought a full restaurant to Wyckham House, negotiated with Calgary Transit for improved transportation for students, approved a textbook program for Clubs, have worked with the provincial government to se your volunteer hours work towards paying back student loans, have travelled across Canada, have hosted conferences, media scrums, special events, and much, much more!

If you think you have what it takes to take your big ideas and make them reality, consider running for Students’ Council. There are four full-time paid executive positions (who else in your graduating class will have “president” or “vice-president” on his or her resume?) along with 14 part-time elected representative governor seats filled by students who receive an honorarium for their involvement and dedication.

Nominations open November 14, 2012 and close February 11, 2013 – so get your name in and make your mark!

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