Stress Less: Hang with your gnomies!

Nordic Gnomes


  • Two different colours of fabric/felt
  • Yarn
  • Pom Pom
  • Wooden cone for base
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Ball 
  • Fabric Tape/ Hot glue
  • Scissors

1. Wrap fabric tape around the base of wooden cone and remove the plastic covering. 

2. Attach fabric to the base. This will be your gnome’s skin!

3. Wrap fabric tape above the felt skin and remove plastic covering.

4. Cut a hat out of the other colour of felt and puncture holes around the base of the hat with scissors.

5. Weave the yarn through the holes you made at the base of the hat. This will be your hat’s stitching!

6. Attach the hat to the wooden cone top. Ensure the yarn end is wrapped towards the bottom of the hat so you can tuck it out of sight. 😉

7. Take a small piece of fabric tape and attach it to the skin of your gnome where you would like to place a beard.

8. Tear a small piece of cotton from your cotton ball and shape it into a beard. Then attach it to the fabric tape.

9. Take your pom pom and trim it to the size you would like your gnome’s nose to be. Attach your gnome’s nose (say that ten times fast!) with fabric tape.

10. You now have yourself a new gnomie!

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