Annual General Meeting (AGM)

How do you attend and participate in the AGM?

This year, the meeting will be held virtually over Zoom. Once you’ve registered, and your student status has been confirmed, you will receive a link from Zoom to join the AGM. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. Here are some helpful things to know before the meeting gets started:

  • This meeting with follow Robert’s Rules of Order to formally move, second, discuss, and vote on motions. The Student Governing Board has already created recommended motions to make it easier for our members.
  • To move or second a motion, type your name into the Zoom chat so our notetaker can record it for the official minutes.
  • The floor will then open for any discussion on the motion. Please use the “raise your hand” feature on Zoom to be placed on the Speaker’s list for discussion. In the interest of time, only the first three hands raised will be called upon in the meeting to speak.
  • The motion will then go to a full attendee vote using Zoom’s polling feature. Non-voters will be counted as an abstention. Ordinary resolutions pass with a 50% majority of those who vote; special resolutions pass with a 75% majority of those voting.

What is it?

The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) holds an AGM of active members of SAMRU in each academic year, at which the membership receives the audit for the last fiscal year, appoints auditors for the current fiscal year, considers and votes on any proposed bylaw changes, and receives reports from the governance, representation, and operations departments. Any active member of SAMRU (i.e. credit students enrolled at MRU) in attendance can participate in and vote at the AGM.

Why should you attend?

Have a say in your association! The Annual General Meeting is an easy way for students to become involved in the governance, representation, and operations of the SAMRU. The AGM is an important and fun way to have a voice in your organization.

What will happen at this AGM? 

  • The membership will receive the audited financial statements from the last fiscal year and appoint the auditors for the upcoming fiscal year
  • SAMRU members will consider proposed changes to the bylaws from their Student Governing Board
  • The governance, representation, and operations areas of SAMRU will present quick reports to the membership on important things that have happened over the last year
  • The membership will be introduced to the 2021 Governor election candidates
  • Prizes, prizes, prizes!! The first 150 participants will receive a $10 Tim Horton’s virtual gift card, and all attendees will be entered to win additional prizes such as one of ten $50 Best Buy gift cards and one grand prize of $500. 


Governance Manager 
Phone: (403) 440-6405
Email: Governance