Vice-President Academic

Carly Bullough

Program: BA Policy Studies

Phone: (403) 440-6402



Carly is your current SAMRU Vice-President Academic. She is in her final year as a Policy Studies major with a minor in Political Science.

Prior to Carly’s role as Vice-President Academic, she worked in regulatory governance and stakeholder management for a Calgary-based energy company. Inside the University, Carly has served as a Group Leader at New Student Orientation, a Peer Mentor with Student Learning Services, and Vice-President Events of the Policy Studies Students’ Society. She is passionate about advocating for Mount Royal students and accomplishes this through engagement in all academic committees and councils that exist within the university. Areas of focus for Carly this year include extending the Withdrawal date to the end of classes, increasing transparency in GNED course registration, and continuing support for Open Educational Resource (OER) development.

For more information, please read the Vice-President Academic’s job description.

SAMRU Committees

  • Accountability Committee
  • Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee (VPAAC)
  • Indigenous Students Advisory Committee

MRU Committees

  • Tuition and Fees Consultation Committee
  • Required to Withdraw Committee
  • Required to Withdraw from Program Committee
  • Student Appeal Committees
  • University General Education Curriculum Committee
  • Arts Faculty Council Science and Technology Faculty Council
  • Business and Communication Studies Faculty Council
  • Health, Community, and Education Faculty Council
  • Library Faculty Council
  • Teaching and Learning Faculty Council
  • General Faculties Council and all subcommittees