Student Development Series and Workshops


Students have an opportunity to partake in a variety of free workshops provided by SAMRU throughout the year. Participants can develop marketable skills and competencies, grasp practical life lessons, learn about managing money, increase their understanding of gender and sexually diverse identities and communities, and/or focus on ways to have healthy relationships.

SAMRU Helps sub pageCitizenship and Leadership Learning Series

Develop marketable skills, learn from community leaders, and round out your formal education.
Participants will develop a broad array of skills across five professional competencies: Diversity, Workplace Skills, Organization, Communications, and Wellness Management. Facilitated workshops will also connect participants to community leaders and organizations for additional resources and support. Topics include conflict management, creating safer spaces, principles of workshop design and facilitation, and principles of meeting management.

Life Hacks Learning Series

Practical tips to save students time, money, and stress.
The Life Hacks series offers once-a-month, hour-long workshops that address gaps in skills, knowledge, and abilities that may not have been taught in a school or home setting. Participants will learn practical skills that apply directly to their everyday lives, and build confidence around managing personal responsibilities. Most workshops will include a hands-on learning element, and students will receive functional takeaway items as a result of their attendance. Additional resources will also be made available at the end of each session. Workshops include topics such as DIY cleaning products, writing roommate agreements, and sewing 101.

Financial Literacy Money Management Learning Series

Money management for your everyday life.
The Financial Literacy Money Management workshop curriculum has been developed by Momentum, an organization in Calgary that assists individuals and families living on low income through programs designed to build personal, financial and social assets. Financial Literacy programming draws on the pre-existing knowledge that students have about finances and provides, in plain language, some basic concepts and knowledge around topics such as budgeting, credit, and banking. Workshops make use of hands-on exercises and practical examples to help solidify concepts into real-world application.

Gender and Sexual Diversity Awareness Learning Series

Diversity, change, and building community.
Increases understanding of gender and sexually diverse identities, communities and movements in local and global contexts. Workshops will provide students with frameworks and language for understanding diverse people and communities, will help diverse students to find themselves and communities, and support students to build an inclusive campus community and Student Centre. Topics include introduction to gender and sexual diversity language and inclusion, non-monosexualities (e.g. bisexuality), trans 101, how to be a better ally, and history and culture of drag.

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Healthy Relationships Learning Series

How to Be A Better Lover

Sex-positive, pleasure-positive, inclusive and fun. Focuses on introductory skill-building for students related to healthy relationships and sexuality by delivering weekly sex-positive, pleasure-positive, inclusive, and fun sex and relationships education. Facilitated workshops will also connect participants to community leaders and organizations for additional resources and support. Example topics include pleasure-based anatomy, healthy relationships, negotiating sex, erotic writing, sexual assault awareness, prevention, and support skills.

MSM Sexual Health Leadership Program

The MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) Sexual Health Leadership Program prepares young MSM to develop the knowledge and skills to talk about sexual health in their communities. Over three sessions, in a social group with their peers, participants are encouraged to reflect on their sexual health knowledge, while being provided with contemporary, fact-based information about sexual health from a sex-positive approach. The program focuses on increasing participant skills and knowledge in exploring sexual health and talking about it with their peers in order to support them as change leaders for healthy sexuality.

Man Enough?

An 8-week interactive program for men, exploring perceptions of masculinity and defining for themselves what it means to be a man. An 8-week program, facilitated by Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA), for men to engage in conversations around masculinity and healthy relationships. Participants will explore, analyze and gain insights into different dimensions of the existing perception of masculinity and its relation with gender equality. More information about each module is available on CCASA’s website: