Support a Local Black-Owned Business this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up and Black History Month underway, there are many local Black-owned businesses that you can support (although it is important to recognize and support BIPOC businesses every month of the year). Take a peek at this list to get some ideas, whether you’re giving yourself some love this Valentine’s Day or wanting to appreciate someone special in your life!

Aggüdo coffee

Aggüdo coffee is a local cafe in Kensington (near the C-Train!) and features a variety of Ethiopian coffee beans. The first Aggüdo opened in downtown Calgary in 2019 and then moved to Kensington in 2020.

Yenny Delights

Yenny Delights is an Afro-Caribbean Restaurant that is led by Executive Chef Toyin Adepoju, who infuses passion and creativity into every dining experience. They specialize in authentic African dishes as well as a variety of other cuisines.

Abyssinia Restaurant

Abyssinia Restaurant is located on 12th Ave in downtown Calgary and serves the unique and ancient traditional cuisine of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Flavours Restaurant

When Adebola Esan and her husband moved from Nigeria to Calgary, her passion for cooking led her to open her own restaurant, which is located in NW Calgary and specializes in authentic Nigerian cuisine.

Ellie Bianca

Ellie Bianca was founded by Evelyne Nyairo, who grew up in Kenya and experienced a culture of gender inequality. From this, she was inspired to create a skincare line that was eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, and helped every woman to embrace her strength and natural beauty.

Tish Jewelry

Lateisha created her namesake collection of jewelry with a purpose – to design collections with elements that accent and enhance a woman’s inner beauty.

Hadash Jewelries

Anthonia Ashade founded Hadash Jewelries to remind the wearer of their worth and to look in the mirror with a smile. Every Hadash piece is handmade and designed using Polymer Clay.

Agụ Athletics

The word “Agụ” comes from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria and translates most commonly to lion or lioness. The activewear brand inspires people to be courageous, determined, and persistent.