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How to appeal a final grade

The end of exam season is in sight, and soon you'll be anxiously waiting by the computer for your final grades to come in. But what happens if one of your grades seems off the... Read More
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 There are lots of topics, questions, and ideas that come up every year in September. If you want to know more about your SAMRU, check out our blog archives!  If you’re a member of a SAMRU... Read More
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Want even more news from your SAMRU? Consider checking out these articles: The long-running Copywrite & Used Books centre will be closing for good on April 30, 2015, and the space will be... Read More
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A library for self-advocacy

 If you’re concerned about an academic or non-academic issue and need assistance, you’re not alone! The Student Advocacy Coordinator is a full-time SAMRU staff member dedicated to assisting... Read More
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