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Top 5 places for music on campus

 You love top-5 lists, right? And you love music, right? We’ve got a great top-5 list where you can hear live music here on campus – keep reading! 1. The Hub tops our list – of course! We... Read More
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Keep reading!

Want even more news from your SAMRU? Consider checking out these articles: The long-running Copywrite & Used Books centre will be closing for good on April 30, 2015, and the space will be... Read More
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Last Class Bash draws near

If you’ve been at MRU for a year or more, you likely already know all about Last Class Bash (or LCB as we usually lovingly refer to it). For those of you who are new to MRU, let us fill you... Read More
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Hooray for last class!

There is just one week left for you to ponder what you’ll wear to Fall Out on Monday, December 8th celebrating the last day of classes for the fall semester. Make sure you wear something you can... Read More
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