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New faces to welcome you back

 If you’re returning to MRU this fall, you’ll no doubt see some brand-new faces at SAMRU – people dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your university experience! It isn’t news,... Read More
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It’s time to vote!

The 2015 Representation Executive Council (REC) election campaign period is well under way, and there are a number of students that are running and hoping for your vote to represent you through... Read More
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Free hug in a mug February 10th

When the halls of MRU start filling up with pajama pants and thermoses filled with coffee and soup, we know that exams and projects are taking their toll on MRU students! Your SAMRU Students’... Read More
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Fall Reading week at MRU?

Have you heard conversations around a Fall Reading Week and wonder when it might happen, if it might happen, and what it might mean for MRU? If you have, and want to know how your input (just 8 short... Read More
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