Archived: The world on film

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Movies can transport us to exotic locations around the world (and even other worlds altogether) and give us the opportunity to explore areas and perspectives we might never otherwise see.

To celebrate the different cultures shown on the big screen, SAMRU’s Cultural Mosaic Centre (CMC) is hosting the annual International Film Festival in March and will be screening a variety of films by writers, directors, actors, animators, and artists from around the world. Along with the Film Studies Students’ Society (a SAMRU club) and SAMRU’s Native Student Centre (NSC) you’ll have the chance to attend as many films as you like, right here on campus, for free!

With movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, Infernal Affairs, and Women Without Men, you’re bound to find something to entertain, enlighten, or inform!

For the full list of which films will be screened, along with locations and dates, please visit the CMC:

By Dawn Linnemoller