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Hub staff - kitchen1Often referred to as a ‘temp agency’, “more and more companies are contracting out hiring to a third party” according to Leita Blasetti, Community Liaison, Youth Employment Centre. In the past ‘temp agencies’ were considered only for short-term positions, and often considered only for those looking for inexperienced tradespeople or office administration. Things have changed over the years as more companies see the benefit of outsourcing their hiring process to a third party, and third party companies have evolved into specialty agencies to cater to the needs of the employer and employees.


Blasetti recommends that third-party agencies are great for entry-level positions in a student’s field of study. This could be useful for Open Studies students looking to enter a specific program, for students mid-way through their program looking for more exposure to a real work environment, or for recent graduates eager to get experience in their chosen field. Blasetti went on to explain that some third-party agencies specialize in many different kinds of jobs, from labour to office positions such as accounting. There are also agencies which specialize in certain markets such as Calgary’s well-recognized oil and gas industry. “There are more and more specialized temp agencies” explained Blasetti, who went on to let students know that the Youth Employment Centre job board includes postings from third-party agencies, along with job postings directly by employers.


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 – By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU