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What do you think about our top-5 lists we’ve been publishing monthly? Want more? Have ideas? Send us a note! In the meantime, kick back and get ready for our top-5 list of places for lunch on campus.


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1. The Hub. Of course our (totally biased) list is going to start out right here in Wyckham House with The Hub. Grab a bite to eat, a drink, and share a table with your friends for lunch, all while knowing that the money you spend in The Hub goes back to support students at MRU.



2. SAMRU knows that in order to save money, sometimes you ‘brown-bag’ your lunch, and we’ve got you covered. Not only do we offer a reusable plate program (so you can have clean cutlery to eat with, without having to carry the dirty stuff home) but we also have microwaves on the first and second floor of Wyckham House with sinks to make up that delicious bowl of instant noodles you’ve waited all morning for.




3. Did you know that all of the vendors in Wyckham House are independently-owned businesses? Did you know that they support SAMRU programs like the E-Awards? There are several places on campus to get lunch, but of course we recommend you stay right here in Wyckham House. If the first floor is busy, head upstairs to the second floor lounge where more tables are usually available, especially by the window so you can soak up some sunlight.




4. The Iniskim Centre might not be the first place you think of for lunch, but did you know they have a lunchroom with a microwave, sink, and tables for students of all cultures to use? Bring your brown-bag lunch and enjoy the space alone or with a few friends.



5.If the weather is nice and you just need to get outside, check out one of the courtyards for your lunchtime. We especially like this one close to the registrar’s office.There are plenty of tables and seats, and no one is going to “shh” you if you do some group work over lunch.



We want to hear from you too!Where is your favourite place to have lunch (or dinner!) on campus? Let us know by sharing your photos with us on Facebook >> or tagging us in your Twitter post >> @samruBuzz


-by Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU