Archived: Top 6 Reasons to Join a Club

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  1. Make new friends
    We know this is a top priority, especially for new students. Your comfort bubble from high school has burst and you’re going to have to go even further out of your comfort zone to make those connections. Chances are that a club has already been started around a hobby or passion of yours! You’re already halfway there to making new friends with your common ground established. No clubs you’re interested in? Start your own and have like-minded individuals come and join your club!
  2. Looks good on a resume
    It’s a tough job market right now. Having a meaningful extracurricular on your resume could be the thing that puts you on top of your competition. Highlight the skills, knowledge, and experience that the club provided you (eg. recruiting new members, holding an event) and you may just improve your employability!
  3. Networking – getting a job is about who you know
    We know, we know. We’re focusing a lot on the whole “finding a job” thing. But, truly, you can expect to meet a diverse group of individuals who may not be in your program, but may work in organizations that appeal to your career goals.
  4. Gain new skills
    While you’re beefing up that resume, make sure to also update your skills section! Chances are, you’re gaining skills, knowledge, and experience that you may not be able to gain with academics or work experience (though we can’t undermine the value of co-op work programs or summer student placements).
  5. Get outside your shell – try something new
    Always wanted to get involved in political activism? Want to be MRU’s next big improv star? Check out the clubs directory to find your new passion. Clubs are a safe space for students to explore new interests, so start exploring! You might find something you’re passionate about that you hadn’t even realized.
  6. Pursue your passions
    We get it. You’re a strong, independent student who don’t need no blog post telling you to try new things. That’s why we also included honing in on your existing passions. There’s nothing wrong with revelling in a group of people who you already know share at least one of your interests with you. Plus, having experience in a club that you already know you’re interested in might give you the courage to join up with a club in unknown territory.

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