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1) Cleanse face

2) Wipe your eyebrows with rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad to dry them out and remove oils

3) Using a clear glue stick, rub the glue onto your eyebrows in the opposite direction of the hair and, using an eyebrow brush, brush the hairs upwards so your eyebrows are raised

4) Wait until the glue becomes tacky, then add a second and third layer onto your eyebrows

5) Using a neutral set powder, adhere it to your glued eyebrows (tap, don’t drag)

6) Brush off excess powder

7) Colour correct over your eyebrows (so you can draw new ones over-top). Pink for blonde to light brown hair, green for auburn or red hair, and orange for very dark hair.

8) Using a brush, apply the colour correcter over the setting powder on your brows

9) Apply white powder over the colour correction to completely block out brows

10) Using a full coverage foundation stick, cover entire forehead and then blend using a sponge (dab, don’t smear) *CONGRATS! YOUR EYEBROWS HAVE BEEN COVERED!*

11) Draw your eyebrows in the desired shape and size for your character using an eyebrow pencil and/or powder. Here are some tips for drawing eyebrows.

12) Fill in your eyebrows with the same pencil or powder used to outline the shape

13) Clean the lines of your new eyebrows using a small bit of foundation

14) Now it’s time for the eyes! Use a white powder primer on your eyelid- this will help make the colours POP!

15) Your eye shadow will vary depending on the character you chose. Here are some awesome examples.

16) Apply the full coverage foundation stick to the rest of your face once you’ve applied your eye shadow

17) Time to contour! Here’s a good tip sheet for applying highlights and contour.

18) Let’s get lippy!

19) Finishing touches…


Is that you, Xena?

See y’all at Gender Bender this week on March 21st in the Hub! Doors open at 7:30 pm. Free for MRU students, $5 for public. Get your tickets here.