Archived: Travel safe this spring!

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While some students are taking spring classes, most are working hard, but some of you might be thinking of a bit of a vacation from all the work. What does this often mean? Road Trip!

While the annual road trip is usually fuelled by more than just gas in your tank, remember that we want to see you back here in the fall safe and sound, so travel safe! (Fun is a given!)

Before you leave:
• Check the AMA road report and find out about things like mudslides, rockslides, as well as the inevitable construction that might delay your trip. If you’re heading into the mountains, be prepared for snow too!
• Plan your route, and let someone reliable know your route and estimated arrival time. Plan to check in with them when you arrive at your destination(s).
• Make sure your vehicle is in good working order – top up the essentials like windshield washer fluid and road songs for your iPod.
• If you’re planning to camp while you’re on the road, make a list of essentials and double-check it with a travel partner to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.

For the backseat:
• Any personal documents
• Blanket
• Candle and waterproof matches
• Cell phone charger
• Duct tape
• Extra clothing
• Rain jacket
• First aid kit (including any medications you might need)
• Folding shovel
• Food that won’t spoil (nuts, canned fruit, energy bars, etc)
• Paper towels
• Bottles of water
• Up to date roadmaps (those printed versions of Google Maps)
• Whistle
• Wind up flashlight (look ma, no batteries required!)

For your trunk:
• Windshield washer fluid
• Fire extinguisher
• Jumper cables
• Tow rope
• Warning light or road flares

The Canadian Get Prepared website is a good place to get other ideas on emergency preparedness.

While you’re on the road:
• Remember don’t drink and drive!
• Buckle up
• Be alert
• … and of course – have fun!

Road trip!