Warm up a student’s winter: donate to Fundrace Flurry!

Tighten your scarves and hold on to your toques as we enter the final week of the Fundrace Flurry! This frosty fundraiser pits your team against your MRU peers to see who can keep their cozy mascot at the front of the pack! Once fundraising ends on December 4th, 2020, the winning team will receive a donation match (up to $250) and a virtual tasting from our friends at Wild Rose Brewery, apart from major bragging rights.

In donating to Fundrace Flurry, you are supporting SAMRU’s Peer Support Centre (PSC) and their Mount Caring initiative! The PSC provides many student support services, including food and financial security,  that connects the campus community and bolsters students as they achieve their goals. These programs include, but are not limited to, emergency student loans, care packages, and peer mentoring. Mount Caring is focused on supporting students facing financial difficulties during this winter season, by providing digital gift cards for gas/fuel, Walmart, and Amazon. 


Your support means a lot not only to SAMRU, but to the many students who benefit from the program: 

“Everyone in my family lost their job due to covid, and I’ve been unable to get one due to the job market. We’ve been struggling to pay bills and get food, so this program is a life saver. Thank you, for giving us support as we get back on our feet.

“It has been more than a difficult year for my family during this pandemic. I’m a single parent with two growing kids, no longer have access to childcare, and can only work shifts when my kids are visiting their dad every other weekend. Student loans do not cover all our basic expenses like rent, bills, groceries, etc. through the whole semester, so we are left making do with very little, and maxing out credit cards to stay afloat. On top of that we had fallen ill and I am still experiencing health issues after recovery. Thanks to the lovely donors and the MRU SAMRU Mount Caring project, as the help received is a reminder that even though it’s been a rough go, we belong to a community of caring, and we will get through this.

“I didn’t know that this was an option that was available. I’ve been struggling for months and any little bit helps. I am so appreciative, I can feel like a human again getting perishables instead of hampers that just have canned goods. Thank you so much.

“This program relieves so much stress, especially this year with everything else going on. I have never participated before, but I felt inclined to apply after the challenges I have faced financially in 2020. I am incredibly proud to be an MRU student because of supports like these. SAMRU has always been a safe space and this just shows me how much they care for their community.”

Click here for more information on the Fundrace Flurry or to donate to this cold competition!