What you need to know: Casting your vote in the 2023 provincial election

The 2023 provincial election is coming up on May 29th and Albertans are getting ready to cast their votes. Voting can seem a bit overwhelming, but with a little preparation, you will be able to confidently cast your ballot! Keep reading to get key information on what to expect when voting in the upcoming election.

Calgary-Elbow Candidates

If you live in the Calgary-Elbow electoral division, these are the official candidates that are vying for your vote at the end of the month:

Kerry Cundal | Alberta Party | www.albertaparty.ca 
Christopher Davis | United Conservative Party | www.unitedconservative.ca 
Samir Kayande | Alberta NDP | www.albertandp.ca 
Artur Pawlowski | Solidarity Movement of Alberta | www.solidaritymovementofalberta.ca

A candidate is a person seeking to be elected, who has been endorsed by a party, or who runs as an independent. If you live in a different electoral division, find your area’s official candidates here.

Who can Vote

To vote, you must be:

  • A Canadian Citizen
  • 18+ years of age
  • A resident of Alberta

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Register here.

Where and When to Vote

There are 3 main options when it comes to casting your vote:

1. Mail-in your ballot
If you are away from Alberta during advance voting and on election day, you can request a special ballot. If you would like to receive your ballot in the mail, be sure to request it by Monday, May 22 at 6:00 pm.

Your ballot must be received by the returning office by 8:00 pm on election day (May 29), so make sure you send it back as soon as possible! Get more information on the voting process for special ballots.

2. Advance in-person voting
Every electoral division will have at least one location open for the full advance voting period, which is May 23 to May 27. You can vote at any advance voting location!

Vote in advance at Wyckham House! Advance voting will take place on the second floor of Wyckham House (follow the directional signage towards the second-floor lounges) on Wednesday, May 24 and Thursday, May 25 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

3. Voting day
You can vote at your designated voting location on election day, which is May 29 between 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.

What to Bring

If you are voting in person, either by advance voting or on election day, you may:

  • Provide your Alberta Driver’s License or Identification Card, or;
  • Provide an alternate piece of ID issued from a local, provincial, or federal government or an agency of that government that includes your name, physical address, and photo.
  • Have another registered elector in your voting area vouch for you
  • Have an authorized signatory complete an attestation form

Note: A passport cannot be used as one piece of identification as the address is handwritten by the individual.

If your Driver’s License or Identification Card does not have your current address, you will need a second piece of ID that does show your current physical address, along with your full name. See the list of acceptable types of identification.

A pencil will be provided for you, but you may also use your own pencil, pen, or marker to mark your ballot.

How to Vote in Person
  1. When you enter the voting location, you will be greeted by an information officer. They will ask if you have identification with your full name and physical address, and then determine if you are registered to vote.
  1. You’ll then receive your ballot and go behind a voting screen to mark it. 
  1. To vote for your chosen candidate, mark an X beside their name.
  1. Refold your ballot and take it to the ballot box, where an election officer will help you cast your vote.
Information For Students

If you are studying in Alberta, or are Albertan but studying outside of the province, you are eligible to vote in the provincial election, but you must determine your place of ordinary residence according to the following rules:

In Alberta
If a student leaves their ordinary residence in Alberta to study at an educational institution elsewhere in Alberta, that person may, while pursuing their studies, consider one of the following as their place of ordinary residence:

  • the place where they resided immediately before commencing their studies
  • the place where they are currently residing in Alberta

Outside of Alberta
If a student leaves their ordinary residence in Alberta to study at an educational institution outside Alberta, that person may, while pursuing their studies, maintain ordinary residence in the place where they lived before leaving Alberta. 

However, if the student does not intend to return to Alberta once they complete their studies, they should register to vote where they are now residing and cease being an elector in Alberta.

To see the full list of candidates in Alberta and get more information on voting in the provincial election, visit https://www.elections.ab.ca/