Used Book Sale

Whether you’re looking to save some cash buying used textbooks, or you’re hoping to earn a little money selling your old books, our Used Book Consignment Sale is a great way to make sure you’ll stick to your budget this year.

The fact that you’re supporting your fellow students and your Students’ Association doesn’t hurt, either (but we might be a bit biased).



If you’re selling, please email with your name, phone number, book titles, and selling prices for your books.

Once you've done that, someone will reach out to arrange a day, time, and location for drop off. 


If you’re buying, please email with the titles and editions of the books you are looking for (pictures of the covers are great too).

We will check our inventory and someone will respond within 2 business days. If we have the books in stock and you wish to purchase, we will arrange a date and time when you can come to campus to pick up and process payment. Alternatively, we may be able to deliver your books to you curbside.