You should run for REC President

You’re a natural-born leader who cares deeply about your school. Yours is usually the first hand up in class, and your friends often turn to you for advice. You like to take the lead at work or school; it feels great to see things run smoothly and know that you helped to make that happen.

Some of your standing duties would be acting as a non-voting member of the Student Governing Board (the governing body of SAMRU), …

While you’d be expected to pitch in wherever you’re needed, whether that means sitting on one of your VPs’ committees or flipping burgers at a REC barbecue. At the same time, it’s important that you keep one eye on the big picture – you’re expected to supervise the activities and affairs of REC, be aware of SAMRU’s bylaws and policies and work with/communicate across the many branches of SAMRU to help get things done.

This is a tough but rewarding role that requires great people skills and the ability to wear many different hats.