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As Reading Week is already underway and midterm season is in full swing, it’s natural to feel stressed or overwhelmed with all your projects, exams, or assignments this semester. However, it’s essential to remember that there are numerous resources available on campus to support you along the way. While you may be familiar with some of these resources, there could be hidden gems that you’ve yet to discover! 

Keep reading to learn more about the resources and support you can access through SAMRU. With a unique twist, we present our guide of resources in life’s colours within SAMRU. It’s important to note that these interpretations can vary from person to person, and everyone’s life colours and connection with SAMRU resources and support may be different. 

Cultural Inclusion Centre (Room Z203)

❤️ Red: Symbolizing love through the creation of passionate connections with others, the Cultural Inclusion Centre creates a friendly atmosphere where international students can chat, connect, and share their experiences.

  • International Eat & Greet

Many international students share similar experiences when studying abroad, away from their home country. Join us for a chance to meet and connect with others; everyone is welcome! Come to the Cultural Inclusion Centre for engaging conversations and snacks! This event is organized in collaboration with the International Student Centre.

 Peer Support Centre (Room Z211)

💛 Yellow: Reflecting joy and the bright moments in life, the Peer Support Centre creates a supportive environment where students can comfortably access essential services.

  • Free Breakfast Program

The Peer Support Centre in Wyckham House offers a complimentary and nourishing breakfast to students in need. Our Free Breakfast program is designed to be accessible to all students, ensuring a barrier-free program, so no student will ever be questioned for assessing this service.

There is also the Main Care Cupboard in the PSC, along with Care Cupboards around campus, Food Bank Referrals, and affordable groceries from Good Food Box and our Mobile Grocery Store!

Pride Centre (Z211)

🧡 Orange: Symbolizing gratitude and the appreciation of positive aspects in every situation, the Pride Centre hosts weekly Wellness Wind Downs that provide students with a safe and supportive space to relax.

  • Wellness Wind Down

Every Thursday from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm, the weekly Wellness Wind Down takes place in the welcoming atmosphere of the Pride Centre in collaboration with Dr. Janet Miller from MRU Wellness Services. At Wellness Wind Down, students come together to relax, chat, and unwind from the week’s challenges. The setting is designed to be safe and supportive, allowing students to connect and feel less alone in their victories and defeats.

💙 Blue: Symbolizing courage through moments of reflection and personal growth, the Queer and Trans BIPOC Circle creates a community where students can come together and form connections in a supportive environment.

  • Queer & Trans BIPOC Circle

Introducing our latest program at the Pride Centre – the Queer and Trans BIPOC Circle. This initiative provides a safe and inclusive space for BIPOC queer and trans students to come together and offer mutual support within the MRU community. Join us at 11:00 am every second and last Tuesday of the month.

💜 Purple: Symbolizing creativity, imagination, and artistic expression, the Crafternoon sessions offer a vibrant space for students to explore their creative side and connect with others through the joy of crafting.

  • Crafternoon

Gather your friends, bring your creativity, and join us for a relaxing crafting session! Led

by a volunteer instructor and equipped with supplies from the Pride Centre, Crafternoon offers a chance to unwind and get crafty. Join us every Wednesday afternoon from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

Student Advocacy Resource Centre (Room Z204)

💚 Green: Symbolizing hope, optimism, and growth for the future, the SARC Centre provides a supportive space for students seeking guidance and support.

  • SARC 

The Student Advocacy Resource Centre offers confidential support, services, and guidance for individual students dealing with academic and non-academic self-advocacy matters. If you’re experiencing a situation which is affecting your success at Mount Royal University, the Student Advocacy Resource Centre may be a support to you. 

West Gate Social

💞 Pink: Symbolizing friendship, the support that comes from meaningful connections. WGS and SAMRU Clubs provide an atmosphere where students can gather, share mutual interests and form friendships. 

  • Weekly Events 

Join the buzz at West Gate Social – the ultimate hangout spot for students! With fantastic deals, incredible vibes, and a constant stream of exciting events, it’s no wonder everyone loves to gather here. This semester we have Trivia Tuesdays, Live Music Wednesdays, and Thursdays Got Talent. Lift your spirits and explore our lineup of weekly events to see what’s coming up next!


Looking to expand your social circle and dive into your interests? Clubs are a great way to meet new people and pursue your passions! Whether you’re passionate about academics, socializing, representation, or culture, there’s a club for everyone. Join a club or learn how to ratify your own in our complete guide blog

Whether it’s academic help, making new friends, or finding ways to relax, SAMRU is here to support you every step of the way.

MRU Wellness Services also provides a variety of services and resources, both in-person and online

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