Student Governing Board

The Student Governing Board (SGB) is collectively the highest decision-making body of the organization, comprised of students elected or appointed by and from the membership.

The SGB consists of 14 elected and appointed positions, each with a single vote, as well as 5 ex-officio members who do not have a vote: the four members of the Representation Executive Council (REC) and the SAMRU Executive Director. The ex-officio members act as advisors to the board in the areas of representation (REC) and operations and finance (Executive Director).

Become a Governor

The Student Governing Board meets monthly during the fall and winter semesters and every other month during the spring and summer semesters. The Student Governing Board also holds committee meetings once a month in addition to various work group meetings.

Governors receive excellent training and support in areas of board governance and committee work. Past year’s members of Students’ Council described their experiences as successful, beneficial, professional and an overall excellent opportunity where their skills were utilized and valued, as well as enhanced through the experience of serving on the board.

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