What We Do For You

Apart from our representation, advocacy, and governance work, SAMRU offers a number of programs and services to make your university experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

SAMRU offers food and financial security, academic support, student clubs, fun and interactive events, thousands of dollars in awards and bursaries, the Student Health and Dental plan* and so much more!

As a member you're also able to participate in the Annual General Meeting and can run for Student Governor or a Representation Executive Council position.


Our Purpose

Legislated under the Alberta Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA), the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University exists to:
  • Act as the sole representative body for all Mount Royal University students;
  • Oversee all student-owned or student-operated facilities on campus, including the Wyckham House Student Centre;
  • Provide a wide variety of excellent student services;
  • Enhance students’ overall University experience;
  • Provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for students;
  • Coordinate special events and activities;
  • Provide leadership development designed to complement students’ academic pursuits;
  • Act as the official medium of communication between the students and the University’s Board of Governors;
  • Develop and manage student clubs and organizations;
  • Liaise between the students, the University, and various levels of government;
  • Help interpret University policies with and for students;
  • Promote the general welfare of students consistent with the purposes of the University;
  • Administer student funds and affairs; and
  • Provide a centre for social activities on campus in Wyckham House.
*The Student Health and Dental plan applies only to students taking 9 credits or more