Student Fees

The Students’ Association levies a fee for all active members. Membership fees are collected from both full and part-time students on a per semester basis.
Your Students’ Association membership fees, combined with other sources of revenue, go toward providing the many student services and programs that exist to help you succeed during your time at MRU and toward operating the Wyckham House Student Centre. SAMRU serves students to help them succeed.

Students’ Association Fees

All Students’ Association Fees are collected by Mount Royal University on behalf of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) as per the fee collection agreement with MRU. Questions about any of these fees should be directed to SAMRU in the Wyckham House Student Centre located in Z222.

SAMRU’s Finances

SAMRU’s finances are audited every year by an external, professional, and reputable accounting firm approved by the student membership. Audited financial statements are presented to students at the annual general meeting for information.


Finance Manager
Phone: (403) 440-7049
Email: Ming Yang

Other (non-SAMRU) Fees

Reflector Fee

($3.63 PT/ $7.25 FT)
The Reflector is an independent news media outlet — editorially, legally, and financially autonomous from SAMRU and all other governing bodies at Mount Royal University. Through an agreement with SAMRU, the Reflector fee is transferred from MRU to the Students’ Association and then to the Reflector. This fee is determined by the Reflector Publications Society Board of Directors.

For more information about the Reflector fee, please contact The Reflector’s Managing Editor, Ivar Bergs, by phone at (403) 440-6268 or by email at


Curious about fees collected or charged by MRU?

If you are curious about fees collected or charged by MRU, please see the MRU Tuition and Fees schedule page on Mount Royal’s website.