Wyckham House Student Centre

Wyckham House Student Centre

Come into the Wyckham House Student Centre today and explore the many services offered to students at Mount Royal University. Click the “Wyckham Centres & Spaces” on the top navigation bar to explore each service area.

In the basement… the Student Benefits Plan Office, Dental Choice, Wyckham Pharmacy, Old Street Optometry, and the Reflector newspaper.

On the main level… the food court and food kiosks, The INS Market (convenience store) and West Gate Social (WGS).

On the second level…  Lost & Found (Reception – Z 222), Council Chambers, the SAMRU Representation Executive Council offices, the Peer Support Centre, the Pride Centre, the Yellow room, the Blue room, meeting spaces and study lounges, the Gallery space, and SAMRU reception and administrative offices.

On the third level… The Clubhouse and the Clubs Coordinator office, the Nap Room, the Student Advocacy Resource Centre (SARC), Clubs offices, and more SAMRU administrative offices.

Wyckham House history

Mount Royal students have always been visionary and strongly independent. Back in 1964, students received a government grant to be used for the creation of a student building. Students also used a portion of the activity fee to create a building fund which would eventually be used to build a student centre.

Prior to the building of the Lincoln Park Campus, the original Wyckham House student centre was located in a run-down, old house near the original MRC downtown campus. The house was named after an instructor, Robert Wyckham, who encouraged students to be independent. After moving to the Lincoln Park Centre, the Students’ Association owned space within the college. Students, however, were dissatisfied and wanted their own space.

Wyckham House

Officially opened in September 1987, Wyckham House is the student centre for Mount Royal University, owned and operated by students. Wyckham House recently celebrated celebrated its 30 year anniversary in 2017, along with the 50-year anniversary of the Students’ Association as a legal entity. In 2007, the Students’ Association completed an expansion project in Wyckham House to provide more space and services to its student membership.


Students’ Association of Mount Royal University
Room Z222, Wyckham House Student Centre
4825 Mount Royal Gate S.W.
Calgary, AB   T3E 6K6

Phone: (403) 440-6077
Fax: (403) 440-8909
Email: reception