Student Toolkit

We've created a handy little “tool kit” or guide to:
  • Help you navigate your way through the year,
  • Ensure you get the most value for your fees,
  • Get support when you need help,
  • Connect you with your peers,
  • and help you get the most out of university!
welcome to samru

Going to university is much more than just going to class.

Of course you’re here to learn and get a degree but you should know that there are so many services, supports, opportunities open to you as a member of your students’ association (SAMRU), as well as a great deal of advocacy work happening on your behalf to protect your interests.

You should SERIOUSLY take a look at what’s available to you to help you succeed, get through stressful times, and to enjoy your time here at MRU!


Prepare Yourself for a Great School Year

  • FIRST: make sure to connect to SAMRU’s social feeds: Instagram, X, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord to keep yourself in the loop about what’s happening at MRU.
  • Student Clubs – start or join a club to explore your interests while developing valuable friendships and leadership skills. Discover the SAMRU Clubs directory here
  • Volunteer opportunities – take a peek at the many ways you can get involved. Now is a good time to apply to connect with something that connects with your interests: Peer Support, Pride centre, Cultural and Indigenous programming, or advocacy work on various MRU committees.
    Employment opportunities – see what jobs may be available on campus.
  • Housing – are you looking for a place to live? Check out our housing blog for helpful tips and resources.
  • Stay in the loop – check out upcoming events in our events calendar.  Make sure to also sign up for our community- and events-based newsletters!
Oh, and did you know that SAMRU is governed by a student governing body?

The Student Governing Board is a policy-making Board of Directors for the Students’ Association and collectively the highest decision-making body of SAMRU. SAMRU is also a registered charity that operates the Student Centre, Wyckham House. You could (and should) even apply and run for one of these positions!


Find Community & Build a Foundation

  • SAMRU’s Open House – find out more about your students’ association, get tours of your student centre, Wyckham House, join in the fun and games, and enter to win great prizes.
  • Student clubs – check out the clubs page to find out which clubs are active. If you can’t find one you like, think about connecting with other students to start your own.
  • Show your Pride – September is Pride week in Calgary and MRU and SAMRU are usually involved in the annual Pride parade and have some of our own festivities planned. Check out our social feed for more info.
  • Volunteer with us and find ways to help your peers through SAMRU support and advocacy work. There’s still time!
  • Party on – Wycked House Party is back to help you get back into the groove this year. Watch Wyckham House evolve into a bumping dance floor with DJs and other live talent. Wycked House Party is a free, 18+ event, so bring one piece of government-issued ID. Please don’t drink and drive. 
  • Tons of Free Stuff! — join us in Wyckham House to stock up with gifts and supplies from sponsors on Free Stuff Day. Did we mention it’s free? So come on down and fill your tote bags with the latest swag from this year’s sponsors.
  • Connect with your student representatives – watch our social feeds for updates on the work the Representation Executive Council (REC) is doing, representing and advocating for you. Also, stop by the Campus Carnival to chat with your 2023-24 representatives and score some free food while you’re at it.
  • Health Plan opt-in or out – Your student health and dental plan provides great coverage and benefits for most students. However, students with comparable health and/or dental coverage under another insurance plan may choose to opt-out and can do so online before the deadline. Coverage provided through the Student Health and Dental Plan can be extended to a spouse and/or dependent(s). 


Discover New Things/Take a Breather

  • Attend free SAMRU programs – try new things, learn, grow, and develop yourself personally and professionally. There are numerous SAMRU programs happening this month, ranging from Crafternoons, Indigenous programs, a spooky haunted house party, and our Sexpo week topped off with everyone’s favourite game: Sex Toy Bingo! Check the events calendar for more details.
  • Find your people with The Clubs Expo – if you’ve had trouble finding people with similar interests or are looking to expand your web of friends, there’s no better time to locate your like than the Clubs Expo.
  • Apply for experiential funding opportunitiesSAMRU has an annual $50,000 Experiential Learning Fund (ELF) that funds a number of development opportunities each year related to but outside a student’s academic experience at Mount Royal University. This fund was created to help eligible students take advantage of unique learning and growth opportunities.
  • Get help with appeals, grievances, and academic or non-academic misconduct – If you’re experiencing a situation that may be affecting your success at Mount Royal, SAMRU’s Student Advocacy Resource Centre could help. Consider contacting our office for assistance. Self-advocacy is important to us, and so is helping you understand the process.
  • Relax – October has a Reading week — thanks to the advocacy efforts of your SAMRU representatives! Take a little time to breathe and relax and then maybe use some time to get ready for midterms, catch up on school work or … maybe some reading (whaaatt??)


Find Balance & Support

November can be a tough month for some. We’re two months into school and well into midterms, papers and final presentations. It may not be easy at times, but you can always check in with SAMRU if you need help, support, or someone to talk to. We’re here for you.
  • Get support – feeling stressed, looking for other support, or just need someone to talk to? SAMRU’s Peer Support Centre staff and volunteers can help. We’re here to listen and we know where to refer you depending on your particular needs. 
  • Food security – Don’t let a lack of time or funds prevent you from eating a healthy, balanced diet. SAMRU has barrier-free food and financial security programs so you can focus less on where your next meal is coming from and more on your studies.
  • Financial assistance – We also provide emergency loans and bursaries, emergency bus tickets, a food bank, and a food and personal hygiene closet available whenever you need it.


Wellness/De-Stress/Get Support

  • Health benefitsUse your health benefits if you haven’t already! We’ve got you covered when it comes to your health. Your health benefits coverage includes prescriptions, dental, vision, and more with professionals right in your own student centre! In the basement of Wyckham House you’ll find Wyckham Pharmacy, Dental Choice, and Old Street Optometry. Your plan also includes coverage for other practitioners like physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, psychologists, and others, many of which you can visit in MRU’s Wellness Centre.
  • Attend Stress Less programsDecember can be a stressful time for some, with major projects and papers due, studying for final exams, and getting ready for the holidays. The folks at SAMRU get it. That’s why we have a Stress Less program in the Fall and Winter semesters with various activities to help you reduce stress and keep you healthy.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back– you’ve made it through the first semester of the year and have earned a well deserved rest!


Fresh Start & Welcome Back

Happy new year and welcome back! We hope you had a restful break over the holidays. Now that we are back, we want you to know your student’s association is here to support you! Press reset and take advantage of the services and programs aimed at self-renewal and connection. While the days are darker and the snow looms, we know that it’s time to get back into our school routines!

  • Stay in the loopnew and returning students should connect (or reconnect) with SAMRU online on Instagram, Facebook, and X using the handle @SAMRUBuzz. Additionally, you can be updated with our latest happenings on Discord, YouTube, and via our newsletter. We can help you get your bearings and hopefully help you start the year off smoothly.
  • Apply for scholarshipsYou should know that SAMRU gives away over $40,000 in scholarships and awards each year, recognizing eligible student applicants who have contributed to their campus community in an outstanding way that inspires and enhances the lives of their fellow Mount Royal students and/or achieved academic excellence. Learn more here and make sure to apply before the end of February deadline!
  • Club it up – this January, Main Street will once again turn into a hall of clubs for you to mingle with and sign up to join. If you missed out on connecting with some like-minded students in the Fall or want to expand your network more, now is the perfect time!
  • Run for officeThink about running for a full-time representation executive position. Elections occur at the SAMRU Annual General Meeting in March. Successful candidates start their roles in May. As an employee of the Student Governing Board, your job would be to represent the interests of MRU students to Mount Royal and various levels of government — so be prepared to attend a lot of meetings and do some public speaking. But don’t worry – ample training and support are provided.
  • Health Plan opt-outYour student health and dental plan provides great coverage and benefits for most students. However, students starting their studies in the Winter semester with comparable health and/or dental coverage may choose to opt-out and can do so online here before the deadline.
  • Hungry and on campus? The Wyckham House Food Court provides a variety of meal options no matter what you’re craving! Open seating is available to guests in the Food Court and West Gate Social (outside food allowed). Find dining options in Wyckham House here, but please note the hours of operation vary by food court tenant.


Getting Things Done

Some people say February is the worst month of the year. Winter seems to be dragging on, darkness abound with little daylight and natural vitamin D, and students are thinking about midterms, papers, and presentations.

But it doesn’t have to be all bad! At least you have another Reading Week to allow you to take a bit of a breather, catch up on schoolwork, and maybe get out to the mountains for some fresh air and sunshine.

  • Learn about healthy relationshipsWhen you’re on campus, you can attend the ever-popular Sex Toy Bingo event, designed to provide you with information about healthy relationships and to have fun while you’re at it.
  • Elections nominations are duedeadlines for the Representation Executive Council (REC) nominations are due earlier in the month, followed by campaigning and the elections. Applications for SAMRU Awards are due later in the month.
  • Attend the SAMRU Annual General Meeting (AGM) — elect your new student governors, vote on bylaws, and be entered to win our AGM grand prize draw! Don't miss out on this important civic student duty!
  • Observe Black History – February is Black History Month, so be sure to take part in events and activities celebrating black historical, artistic, and musical achievements across campus and the City!


Plan Ahead

This is the time for you to think about summer work, transfer credits, applying for grad school, graduation, or registering for spring, summer and/or fall courses. It can be stressful but if you need help or have questions, SAMRU is here to support you and point you in the right direction.
  • VOTE! This is the time your student representatives and student governors are elected. Make sure you have a say in your students' association by reading up on and then voting for who you think are the best candidates at SAMRU’s Annual General Meeting.
  • Attend eventsstudent clubs are highly engaged in March, holding major events and fundraisers. Make sure to check them out and also stop by West Gate Social and enjoy our very low-cost food and beverages.
  • Food and financial supportIf you find yourself running low on funds or feeling stressed out, stop by SAMRU’s Peer Support Centre where we have food bank referrals, food & hygiene hampers, emergency bus tickets, emergency loans, free breakfast (starting at 8:45 a.m.-until supplies last), and referrals.
  • Get your taxes done for free need help filing your taxes? Check out the SAMRU Free Tax Clinic! If you have an income of less than $35,000 and have simple tax situations, make sure to book an appointment.


Endings & Celebrations

You’re almost there! The weather’s warming up and summer is just around the corner. There are just a few more days of classes, studying for and writing finals, and you’re finished up for the year (unless you have spring or summer courses).
  • CelebrateIf you applied for and were successful in getting a SAMRU award, we’ll join you in celebrating your achievement at our annual SAMRU Awards event, where you can collect your award (and cash!) in style in front of your peers and family.
  • Stress LessAnd while you’re busy studying for exams, we’ll be coming around with our exam relief cart full of free snacks and holding our Stress Less programming (hopefully, there will be puppies again!) to help ease your anxieties so you can ace those exams. Don’t forget to exercise and get lots of sleep too!
  • Show off your green thumb – While the weather may still be groggy, that won’t stop the community garden from emerging from the snow. Secure yourself a plot or volunteer to help other plots flourish and showcase your botany skills!