It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the 2021 SAMRU Awards Winners!

On April 9th, 2021, SAMRU held a virtual ceremony to celebrate our present-day superheroes– the 2021 SAMRU Awards winners! These students have displayed enormous commitment to their university community and were recognized for their outstanding contributions and for inspiring and enhancing the lives of MRU students. The virtual ceremony was held via Facebook Live and featured special ~superhero~ guests!

MRU’s students come from a tapestry of cultures, histories and experiences. The Inspiring Culture award acknowledges those individuals whose volunteer activities connect us through culture, enrich the vibrant social fabric of our campus and remind us that it’s our differences that make us strong.
Building an equitable community means ensuring the inclusion and  dignity of all members, including those living with disabilities. The Beyond Disabilities Award recognizes students whose activities have enhanced the inclusion of individuals with disabilities, and helped to foster understanding and awareness of accessibility issues within the larger campus community.
The Deanna Cardinal Memorial Award is presented in the memory of Deanna Cardinal. Deanna was instrumental in the founding of our Native Student Centre, and later, as the Native Student Centre Coordinator, she helped to develop much of the programming that enriches our campus to this day. Deanna’s passing had a great impact on many people at the Students’ Association. We are proud to carry on the legacy of her life’s work by offering the Deanna Cardinal Memorial Award to a student who has made an outstanding contribution to the Indigenous community.
The Excellence in Community Service Award recognizes a club that has shown outstanding dedication to serving the community. Whether organizing charity fundraisers, promoting awareness or championing worthy causes, this club has demonstrated leadership and involvement that has benefitted the entire community.
Student societies and clubs enhance the post-secondary experience by providing their members with opportunities for growth, community, and fun. The Excellence in Membership Services Award recognizes a club that has demonstrated outstanding leadership and involvement in its endeavours to serve its members.
The Teaching Excellence Award is presented to those faculty members who have gone above and beyond their responsibilities as instructors. Through their exceptional commitment to their students’ educations, they have made outstanding contributions to student life and to student endeavours.
Being a good citizen means recognizing the role we play in building a vibrant society. Volunteers play an essential role in healthy communities, and every day our lives are enriched by the countless contributions of passionate and dedicated individuals. The three Citizenship Awards are presented to students who have generously devoted their time and energy to improving the lives of others.
The path to success for students is not always easy. The two Committed Learner Awards recognize those students who have made outstanding commitments to their education. These students embody the notion that learning has no limitations and are willing to face the obstacles in their way. By overcoming challenges to pursue a post-secondary education, they demonstrate courage, resilience, and commitment to the learning process.
The Bronze Awards recognize three students whose contributions to the campus community and extracurricular activities have touched the lives of those around them. By demonstrating outstanding leadership and dedication, the recipients of the Bronze Award improve the student experience for all.
The Silver Awards are presented to two students who have demonstrated leadership in both academic and extracurricular pursuits. These students have gone beyond the scholastic requirements of their education, participating enthusiastically in Students’ Association and Mount Royal activities while maintaining an outstanding academic record.
The recipient of the Students’ Association Gold Award is required to work endlessly for excellence, to strive against difficult obstacles, and to provide leadership and assistance to those around them. The Gold Award recognizes a student who has shown outstanding achievement in extracurricular activities, while still maintaining an excellent academic record.
The Outstanding Student of the Year Award speaks for itself. This Award recognizes a student whose passion and dedication makes them a leader in all areas of their life. They dedicate themselves to the service of others through frequent and active participation in both on and off campus activities. In their studies, they act as a model for other students, combining academic excellence with a passion for community involvement.