Pawrantine Update: Feline Edition!

Hello everyone, my name is Danielle. I am the Communications Assistant at SAMRU and an Anthropology student at MRU!

These are my cats, Raisin (black and white) and Callie (Siamese). Callie is a sweetheart, who loves to snuggle before bedtime, and Raisin is an absolute rascal, who enjoys drinking out of the tap, drive-by pets, and terrorizing his sister.

These are their stories from over the past four weeks…

Pawrantine Log: Day 3

I have surmised in my research that the humans must quarantine themselves and practice social distancing. While I can only assume these orders came from the one supreme feline being, I question their efficiency. Distance, especially of the social variety, is an admirable goal, but since they have been home, the humans have been anything but distant. Their proximity interferes with my plans to terrorize the dog. I must meditate on this development in solitude…

Pawrantine Log: Day 4

The humans are home still, and I fear they will forget their daily routines. It is my due diligence that wakes them at their early hour. At 6 in the morning, I meow, for fear that they sleep and forget to give me breakfast. I ensure they maintain a regular routine, which appears to be very important to the humans. Once I have fed, I disappear into the covers of the bed they just vacated. I am a benevolent leader. The covers are warm. I sleep.

Pawrantine Log: Day 6

The outrage! Today, my humans slept in! I was not fed until 7 AM. I meowed and meowed. I even jumped on human’s chest! And what did they do? Shoved me out of the room and kept sleeping! This atrocity will not go unanswered! I will have my reveng… What’s that I hear? It appears the humans have refilled my bowl. I will not seek vengeance. Yet…
Pawrantine Log: Day 9
The humans recognize their sins, and I bask in their worship. Today, they received a package. I do not know, nor care of the contents the humans distract themselves with, but the package came in a box! I have tested the box for its depth, width, and ability to be jumped in without falling over. I have deemed it a worthy gift, and I, the benevolent ruler of this household, have forgiven the humans for the other day’s treachery. Perhaps I shall even increase their daily allowance of pets for the day. They are a good people I have done well in ruling them, even if they do not see the glory of the box itself.

Pawrantine Log: Day 9 – Afternoon

It appears the humans are not as grateful as I had thought… I went to give them their allowance of daily pets, as pets are imperative for human morale. What did they do? Pushed me away! Apparently, the talking box is more important than my affection. No matter. What has been given can be taken away…

Pawrantine Log: Day 19

I have not entered my log for some time. My apologies. The humans and I have reached a new normal. If they keep my bowl full, and I increase their allowance of daily pets, then they will give me peace. It is a changing time, it seems, and as a ruler, I must adapt to serve my people well.
I have been kind in allowing the humans to sleep. In the mornings, I meow at 7:30 AM instead of 6, and they turn on the bathroom tap throughout the day for me to quench of mighty thirst. At night, they watch the magic talking box, and the red dot appears for me to chase. It brings the humans and I joy.
Tomorrow, I begin preparations to terrorize my canine adversary. He has been too happy with the humans in the house protecting him. I must remind him who is truly the ruler of this land…