Welcome your incoming 2021-2022 REC members!

May is a busy month for SAMRU! In addition to working on lots of exciting changes for the Fall 2021 semester, we’re also welcoming  the newly-elected and returning Representative Elected Council (REC) members for the 2021-2022 academic year. Welcome to newly-elected Vice-President Student Affairs, Joseph Nguyen and Vice-President Academic, Yasmin Ahmed. SAMRU welcomes back re-elected President Spirit River Striped Wolf and Vice-President External, Rachel Timmermans.

They officially join us May 1st , so please help us welcome them and make sure to stay up to date on their advocacy efforts, engage with them during the upcoming semesters, and take advantage of all that they can do for MRU students.

President | Spirit River Striped Wolf (he/him)

Program B.A. Policy Studies

SAMRU welcomes back Spirit River for a second term as REC President of the Student’s Association. He is from the Piikani Nation (Aapatohsipikani) which helps to make up the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksikaitsitapi). His Blackfoot name is Iyimakoyiomahka which describes an enduring running wolf. Spirit possesses a lifetime of advocacy experience, including experience from his past term advocating and representing students to all levels of government. Relationship building is integral to Spirit’s work and he continues to strengthen the relationship between SAMRU and the larger MRU community.

Spirit spearheaded and supported many advocacy initiatives during his 2020-21 term as SAMRU REC President. Most notably, Spirit headed the Loudest Silence: Anti-Racism Commemoration Open Mic that gave students the opportunity to voice their lived experiences of racism and discrimination to the larger MRU faculty, staff and administration.

Learn more about Spirit’s role as President and contact him here.

Vice-President Student Affairs | Joseph Nguyen (he/him)

Program B.Ed. and General Science

Joseph Nguyen is a second-year education student whose professionalism stems from his years of committee work and volunteer experience conducting and running board meetings. Part of Joseph’s passion for advocacy is inspired by his skill to transform ideas into action. In his role of Vice President of Student Affairs, Joseph hopes to listen to students and turn their needs and concerns into positive changes. One of the most important aspects of Joseph’s role revolves around student life and working to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all MRU students. 

  • Prior to joining the Representation Executive Council with SAMRU, Joseph participated in a number of university initiatives including the MRU Education Undergraduate Society, Power to Change, and the Asian Relations & Culture clubs. Joseph is also involved in the greater Calgary community as a board member and Worship Administrator of the Lighthouse Community Church.

Learn more about Joseph’s role as Vice-President Student Affairs and contact him here.

Vice-President Academic | Yasmin Ahmed (she/her)

Program B.Communications

Yasmin Ahmed is a student in the Bachelor of Communications program. As a black muslim woman, she is passionate about the power of community and inclusivity. Yasmin believes that for all students to learn in a constructive way, they must feel comfortable, represented and included. She hopes to facilitate communication between students, the Student’s Association, and the larger MRU institution to continue and strengthen this process. 

In her role of Vice-President Academic, she seeks to focus on mental health and coping with the changing stages of the pandemic. Yasmin understands that students need specialized representation and time to adjust to new learning curves to still make the most out of their education.

Learn more about Yasmin’s role as Vice-President Academic and contact her here.

Vice-President External | Rachel Timmermans (she/her)

Program B.A. Policy Studies

Rachel Timmermans is in Mount Royal’s Policy Studies program and is joining REC for her second term. Rachel is well-versed in political affairs and is an experienced advocate and lobbyist. She brings strategic information and recommendations to her role of Vice President External. 

Rachel was named  the winner of the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations’ (CASA) 2020/21 Future Prime Minister award for her strong voice advocating for student issues. Rachel acted as a reliable advocate for students Canada-wide in her 2020/21 term as a CASA delegate. As Vice-President External, Rachel hopes to weave stronger communication into everything your representatives do with and for you.

Learn more about Rachel’s role as Vice-President External and contact her here.

Keep in touch with REC, and learn what they’re working on this summer during the upcoming Spring  Tea with REC, a program hosted on @samrubuzz Instagram Live where your council answers your questions in real-time. All four members of REC will attend each Tea with REC session. Have questions? Submit them here, and tune in on May 19, June 16, July 21, and August 18 for REC advocacy updates and discussions. 

Do you want to learn more about your elected Executive Council? Explore REC member’s official roles here.

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