Your Official REC and SGB Election Results

All votes have been tallied and the results are in! Your next generation of student representation is here. Students made their voices heard, marking ballots online as SAMRU’s 2024-25 election season officially concluded at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Campaigning for this year’s elections started on March 25, followed by over 300 students casting their votes at our Annual General Meeting on March 27. Students who requested a religious exception due to required observations during the time of the AGM were granted advance polls in the days prior to the elections. 

But without further ado, here are your new Representation Executive Council and Student Governing Board members for the 2024-2025 term.

Representation Executive Council (REC) Election Results

REC President

Winner: Tala Abu Hayyaneh (returning REC member) – 253 Votes (77.61%)

Runner-up: Jorgen Fisk – 73 Votes (22.39%)

REC Vice-President Academic

Winner: Fiona Chetty – 179 Votes (55.42%)

Runner-up: Zafir Nagji – 144 Votes (44.58%)

REC Vice-President External

Winner: Genri Liclican – 185 Votes (56.75%)

Runner-up: Malaadh Baadel – 141 Votes (43.25%)

REC Vice-President Student Affairs

Winner: Anisa Tilston (returning REC member) – 277 Votes Yes (84.45%)

Fiona Chetty has been elected to serve as your REC Vice-President Academic for the 2024-25 term!

Fiona has served on the SAMRU Representation Executive Advisory Committee since 2021, passionately advocating for students to the MRU General Faculties Council. She is passionate about textbook affordability for students. 

Genre Liclican has been elected to serve as your new REC Vice-President External!

Genri has been involved in the SAMRU Asian Relations & Cultures Club as the social media and events coordinator since Fall 2023, and is passionate about student housing and affordability.

To serve alongside our new REC members, a few familiar faces have been re-elected to the team. 

Tala Abu Hayyaneh will serve as your REC President! Tala previously served as the Vice-President Academic for the 2023-24 term. Her advocacy and volunteering service on campus includes time as a Social Support Lead in the World University Service of Canada’s Student Refugee Program at MRU, SAMRU’s Representational Executive Advisory Committee from September 2022 to April 2023, and Vice President in various advisory committees.

Anisa Tilston has also been elected to reprise her role as REC Vice-President Student Affairs after she served in the position during the 2023-24 term! She served as a volunteer in various SAMRU centres during her time on campus, including most recently with the Peer Support Centre (PSC).

This new REC team will begin their year of student advocacy on May 1, and will continue to improve the student-body experience where the previous team left off!

Student Governing Board (SGB) Election Results

Student Governor 

Jayden Baldonado: 158 Votes

Student Governor 

Abiola Famakinwa: 171 Votes

Student Governor 

Gordy Ha: 125 Votes

Student Governor 

Rafael Hernandez Alarcon (returning Student Governor): 176 Votes

Student Governor 

Alexander Khan: 130 Votes

Student Governor 

Rodney Omoku: 183 Votes

Student Governor 

Reggie San Jose: 144 Votes

Congratulations to the six new governors elected to the Board! And a warm welcome back to Rafael Hernandez Alarcon, who has been re-elected to serve another two years as a Student Governor! Your newly elected and re-elected governors will begin their terms starting on April 15, 2024, alongside the returning governors. You can learn all about the SGB here.

Bylaws, bylaws, and bylaws!

But the next iteration of REC and the SGB weren’t the only things students spent their votes on at the AGM.

Students also took the time to vote on SAMRU’s new bylaws for the 2024-25 fiscal year, which were passed by the students in attendance. 

Want to see what’s new within SAMRU’s governance, or want to review all of our bylaws? Check out our updated list here.

A new year of student representation!

In just under a month, your newly elected representatives will be ushering in another year of advocacy and aspiration. In the meantime, your 2023-24 REC team and Student Governors will be hard at work, continuing to achieve the final goals of their terms. 

Want to learn more about how REC has been advocating for you? Be sure to check out our previous monthly REC highlight blogs.

If you want to see the decisions the SGB has been making on your Students’ Association’s behalf, you can read over their Monthly Meeting Minutes here.

Join us as we welcome all of our new and returning REC and SGB members to the SAMRU family! For more information on the elections process, check out our student elections page

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the AGM, the elections, or anything else, please contact

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