6 Tips for Prioritizing Your Wellness Over the Winter Break

1. Make a (realistic) list of things you want to get done

If you have anything that you have to accomplish over the winter break, making a realistic list of high-priority items that you need to get done can help you feel less stressed and rushed when the break is coming to an end. Try to split big tasks into smaller tasks so that they feel less overwhelming. While resting is an important form of self-care, setting yourself up for success is also part of taking care of your well-being!

It may also be difficult to have so much free time on your hands after a busy semester of classes, projects, and tests. Adding fun items to your list, like catching up with friends, reading that book you haven’t cracked open yet, or other activities that you haven’t had time to do will help beat the potential boredom over the break.

2. Focus on your finances

Having some extra time may allow you to pick up more shifts at work or create a budget for the upcoming semester (if you need budgeting tips, check out our recent blog post).

This is also a great time of year to get the items you need for a good price! Keep your eye out for Boxing Day sales – you can treat yourself and save money!

3. Hit snooze

Take some time to catch up on sleep over the break. A good night’s sleep helps both your brain and body to be their healthiest and happiest. After so many weeks of waking up early, studying late, and not getting enough sleep each night, make sure to rest up! 

Some things like making sure you aren’t on your phone right before bed, being consistent with your sleep schedule, and doing some exercise during the day will help you get the best sleep possible.

4. Spend time with family (but don’t forget to spend time alone too)

Spending time with family over the winter break can be relaxing and fulfilling, but it can also bring up conflicts or difficult conversations. If there’s a topic that is likely to come up, prepare how you plan to respond to maintain respectful boundaries. Some conversations or interactions can feel overwhelming, so preparing yourself beforehand is one way to help deal with situations like this. It also may be helpful to politely excuse yourself and take a quick walk or call a friend to clear your mind. Check out this website for more tips on dealing with difficult situations involving family members.

Make sure to take time for yourself after stressful interactions with family. You’ll be better equipped to handle difficult situations when you prioritize recharging your social battery.

5. Take time away from social media

Putting down your phone and spending time doing activities, catching up with friends, or getting out of the house can help make you feel more productive than scrolling all day. Messaging friends is fun, but take advantage of the extra free time you have and meet up with friends face to face (and take some photos to post afterward, of course).

6. Book an appointment with the Student Advocacy Resource Centre

Do you have academic or non-academic concerns affecting your success at MRU? Want to make a wellness plan for the new year? The Student Advocacy Resource Centre (SARC) can provide support, information, and resources! If there are any questions or concerns you may have about the last semester, or if you’re looking for support during the upcoming winter semester, consider booking an appointment with SARC.

SAMRU will be closed for the winter break beginning on December 22nd returning on January 2nd, 2023.

If you have any questions or inquiries over the break, you can always contact us at info@samru.ca, and we’ll get back to you after the break in January! Rest up and enjoy your time off– we’ll see you in the new year!