Fall U-Pass cancellation statement

Fellow students:

The U-Pass has been temporarily deferred until the Winter semester due to Covid-19 and Mount Royal’s transition to online course delivery. As such, students will not be charged any fees for the U-Pass this fall. The university consulted with your SAMRU Representation Executive Council (REC) before deciding to defer the program. Since we are being encouraged to stay at home and many of us will no longer be expected to travel to and from campus every day, we agreed that this is one way to help students save money.

We understand that this decision will affect students to varying degrees, which is why we continue to work diligently with Mount Royal and Calgary Transit to try to secure alternative solutions for students who rely on the transit system. We will have more information for you on this, and on other items, very soon. Please stay tuned for updates. You can learn more about the U-Pass here.

For questions or concerns, please contact your SAMRU REC President, Spirit River Striped Wolf, at president@samru.ca.


Your Representation Executive Council