From your Representation Executive Council: A Statement Against Discrimination and Hate

SAMRU stands firmly against antisemitism and any form of discrimination. We are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful campus environment where all students feel safe and valued.

Upon hearing about a complaint of antisemitic graffiti, we acted promptly by reaching out to MRU Security Services, Wellness Services, and the Executive leadership of the students’ division. We are in close contact with MRU Security to address any future reports we hear about.

We understand that reports of antisemitism and any form of discrimination cause fear and distress among students. We are here to support any student affected by these incidents and encourage them to reach out to SAMRU’s Peer Support Centre (PSC) for referrals or to Wellness Services for assistance and counselling.

Once more, SAMRU unequivocally denounces any actions or expressions of discrimination and hate. We truly value diversity and inclusion, and we will continue to work to uphold these principles. Anyone who sees expressions of discrimination and hate on campus is strongly encouraged to reach out to SAMRU and report these incidents to MRU Security.


2024/2025 SAMRU Representation Executive Council

If you feel unsafe or notice any harmful actions around campus, you can contact MRU security 24/7 via email at or by phone at (403) 440-6897. In addition, SAFEWalk is available to escort you to your car, a bus stop, or to and from anywhere on campus — all day, all year round. Security and SAFEWalk can be requested over the MRU Now app for iOS and Android devices.

You can reach your Representation Executive Council (REC) at

For general inquiries, you can contact your Students’ Association at

Your 2024-25 Representation Executive Council (REC).