Student representation matters — be a part of it!

The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) is committed to representing student interests to Mount Royal University and beyond. The students doing this work are employees who form the Representation Executive Council (REC), a dynamic and essential team of full-time representatives who advocate for a better student experience.

Why should I consider applying for a REC role?

Representation is at the heart of what SAMRU does. SAMRU’s REC members work diligently on behalf of SAMRU’s Student Governing Board to address the concerns and needs of their peers, ensuring a campus environment that is inclusive, supportive, and conducive to academic success. There are four full-time salaried REC positions on one-year contracts, each earning $43,500/year + bonus + benefits (including paid tuition for one standard course per semester!).

All REC members receive professional training to help them succeed at representation, advocacy, and media. They also have the opportunity to lobby and network with high-level government officials, MRU administration, and connect with student leaders from across the province and country.

Let’s dive deeper to explore why the SAMRU Representation Executive Council is invaluable for students and get into what the roles involve.

What experiences would I gain from a REC role?

  1. Leadership Development: Serving on the REC offers students the chance to gain experience in decision-making, public speaking, teamwork, and project management, which are essential leadership skills and valuable assets for your future career.
  2. Personal Growth: Taking on a REC position will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, build your self-confidence, and refine your problem-solving abilities. This personal growth can be transformative and help you stand out in your academic and professional endeavours.
  3. Advocacy and Representation: As a member of the REC, you will be a voice for your peers. You can advocate for important issues and help shape policies that directly affect students’ lives, making a real difference on campus.
  4. Networking Opportunities: The REC allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating a positive campus environment. This networking can lead to lifelong friendships and professional connections.
  5. Resume Enhancement: Membership in the REC is an impressive addition to your resume. Employers value the leadership, communication, and advocacy skills you will gain in this role.
  6. Access to Resources: REC members have access to resources and support from SAMRU, including training, mentoring, and the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops to enhance their leadership skills.
  7. Fulfillment and Recognition: Serving on the REC is a fulfilling experience that brings a sense of accomplishment. Your contributions will be recognized and appreciated by your peers, faculty, and the broader university community.

What does a REC role involve?

The REC consists of a variety of roles, each with specific responsibilities that contribute to the overall functioning of the group. Here are the roles and what they involve:

  1. REC President: The REC President provides formal communications on representation work to SAMRU’s Student Governing Board (SGB) and coordinates the review and evaluation of Board approved representation priorities.
  2. REC Vice President Academic: This role involves advocacy for academic issues, collaborating with faculty and administration, and participating in academic committees.
  3. REC Vice President Student Affairs: This position focuses on ways MRU can improve student life and enhance the campus experience.
  4. REC Vice President External: REC’s External VP is responsible for external relations, government advocacy, and connecting with other students’ associations.

The SAMRU Representation Executive Council is a vital component of the vibrant Mount Royal University community. If you’re a student with a passion for advocacy, leadership, and creating an inclusive campus environment — and you’re looking for a full-time job for a year (or possibly more) — REC may be the perfect opportunity for you. The experiences, skills, and connections you gain as a member will not only enrich your university journey but also enhance your future.

How do I apply?

Early intake starts in December 2023, so keep your eyes open and make sure to check December’s email from SAMRU for details. Now might be a good time to get your resume updated. Applications will remain open until January 31, 2024, but the sooner you get your application in, the better!

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