Academic Policy Updates From the REC Town Hall

Recent internal MRU policy changes have resulted in some big wins for students!

Student Representation at General Faculties Council (GFC) meetings

Your Representation Executive Council (REC) President and Vice-President Academic attend regular General Faculties Council (GFC) meetings accompanied by student volunteers. The GFC is an internal committee responsible for making academic policy decisions.  

At a GFC meeting this past Spring, REC voted to approve updates to MRU’s Grades & Examinations policies. We first shared these policy updates at the Fall Town Hall on November 2nd. Still, as the overarching Grades & Examinations Policies affect all students, it’s worth sharing further for those who couldn’t make it!

Critical Dates in the Fall 2022 semester

  • By November 10th, it is your right under the Grades & Examinations policy to have received 25% of your overall grade back.* 
  • November 18th is the last day to withdraw from a course in the Fall Semester and receive a W grade.**
  • By December 9th, the last day of Fall semester classes, it is your right under the Grades & Examinations policy to have received 50% of your overall grade back.*

*If you are still waiting to receive your grades by these dates, please contact your professor or the chair of your department. You may reference this right directly from the Grades policy – see sections 4.4 and 4.5 here. If you need guidance or self-advocacy support in this process, SAMRU’s Student Advocacy Resource Centre (SARC) is available to help! 

**During the Town Hall, student representatives relayed that the last day to withdraw and still receive a W grade was extended to the last day of Fall classes under the updated Grades & Examinations policies. This statement was communicated in error, and the deadline will remain Friday, November 18th. We apologize for this error in communication and for any inconveniences that may have arisen.

New Non-Credit Designation (AE)

Policy changes have allowed for a new non-credit symbol to be added to MRU transcripts. AE, or Aegrotat, indicates that a student is unable to complete a given course for reasons outside their control, such as exceptional medical or emotional circumstances – see section 1.2 of the Grades policy for more context. Receiving an Aegrotat on your transcript counts as a passing grade and will not factor in when calculating your GPA. If you find yourself in this situation, connect with your faculty advisor, who will help you reach this designation on compassionate grounds.

Digital Learning Resources

We heard from students that the need to purchase additional online resources to complete quizzes, tests, or assignments is causing undue financial stress. Your student representatives brought these concerns to the GFC, and as a result, the Grades & Examinations Policy now contains a section on Digital Learning Resources. 

Under the updated policy, course-required digital resources must be at most $100 per course and communicated clearly to students at the time of registration. Furthermore, if a student opts not to pay for the digital learning resource, the professor must provide an equivalent no-cost option that will not put the student at a disadvantage. Should you opt for the no-cost option, you must first notify your professor at the beginning of the semester, after which the faculty will provide you with an alternative.

If you have questions about the Grades & Examinations Policies or other MRU policies, SAMRU’s Student Advocacy Resource Centre (SARC) is here to help! Located in room Z204 in Wyckham House, SARC can help you navigate academic or non-academic situations and issues that are affecting your success at Mount Royal. Check out the full list of services on the SAMRU website here.