Become a SAMRU volunteer! With a variety of ways to get involved, you can decide where you fit best; from sitting on a committee to helping to run an ongoing program, there’s something for everyone. No time? No problem! Many volunteer roles have flexible hours, so you can choose an opportunity that fits with your skill set AND your schedule.Think about committing to volunteering with us for some valuable experience to add to your resume.

Community matters to us here at SAMRU Volunteer Central. Build a community of friends and supporters with us, through volunteering. Our fall 2020 plan is to have a regular standing virtual volunteer chat on Google Meet where you can meet other volunteers and get to know people. You’ll have opportunity to meet other students from across disciplines, to share your experiences, and to laugh & have fun together. Get involved today!

Did you know that SAMRU has 3 independent volunteer streams? We sure do! Even though the streams don’t match this lovely nature image, within our volunteer streams exists flowing and organic movement; shifting with the interests and needs of students. Click on the streams and roles button below to find out more.

Please note, we are currently recruiting for Virtual Volunteers starting as soon as September 1, 2020.  Tax Clinic recruitment starts in November, but feel free to sign up sooner to get some of your training requirements completed ahead of February.