ICYMI: Here’s a recap of last week’s 2022 Annual General Meeting (AMG)

Annual…what?! Before we begin, you should know that each year SAMRU holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) as part of SAMRU’s accountability measures to its members. Members of SAMRU can be described as any credited MRU students and are represented by the Students’ Association.

Many exciting things happen(ed) during the AGM, including:

  • New student governors are elected at AGMs
  • Members find out what SAMRU accomplished the previous year
  • Financial auditors are appointed and audited financials are shared
  • Any recommended bylaws changes are approved

Almost everything seems pretty straightforward, right? But bylaws? What are those, and why does SAMRU have them?

Apart from the Post-Secondary Learning Act, SAMRU’s most important governing document is our bylaws. The bylaws can only be approved or changed by Special Resolution at any annual or special general meeting of SAMRU. Regular review of our bylaws and operating policies ensure that we remain relevant and accountable to our members. See the most current SAMRU Bylaws here.

SAMRU Annual General Meeting (AGM) Highlights | February 9, 2022

The meeting began with a Land Acknowledgement from Derek Havens of the SAMRU Advisor Committee, who acted as Chair of the AGM.

Newly Elected Governors

Meet your newly elected Governors of the Student Board, Leah Hart and Tristalyn GiVogue! The membership voted in both Governors during the AGM after speaking briefly about their candidacy.

Leah and Tristalyn will sit alongside ten other governors who make up the Student Governing Board (SGB). The SGB is a policy-making Board of Directors that oversees and governs the organization on behalf of members. All Governors have an essential role in directing the organization and acting as the official communication channel between the students of Mount Royal University and the Mount Royal University Board of Governors.

The Board hires the four students to elect to form your Representation Executive Council (or REC) to carry out representation and advocacy work. The Board delegates responsibility to this team to represent students’ interests when meeting with all three levels of government, other student leaders, and MRU.

SAMRU is still looking for passionate and determined students to sit as governors on the SGB. If you think you would make an excellent addition to the team, please reach out to governance@samru.ca.

SAMRU Yearly Report

Your Representation Elected Council (REC) team was busier than usual during the 2020-21 year, dealing with common advocacy issues in addition to pandemic-related issues impacting students.

Among other things, in 2020-21, you REC team:

  • Convinced MRU to end online exam proctoring, mandatory webcam use, and put the U-Pass on hold 
  • Created an Indigenous student advisory committee
  • Held an anti-racism event called The Loudest Silence, to amplify the voices of BIPOC students.
  • Worked nationally to fight for more mental wellness funding and the Canada Emergency Student Benefit
  • Demonstrated against provincial funding cuts to post-secondary, and 
  • Held virtual interactions with students, including a live Instagram series called Tea with REC, to increase accountability and transparency

The Board also employs an Executive Director to manage SAMRU’s operations on behalf of the Board, including things like:

  • Managing the finances
  • Maintaining the Wyckham House student centre, including commercial tenants, and
  • Providing student services and programs,

As you all know, the 2020-21 year was challenging, but SAMRU adapted to the ever-changing regulations and remained committed to providing students with essential services and programs. A snapshot of the year shows that, among many other things, SAMRU:

  • Ratified 42 student clubs
  • Trained over 100 volunteers and 89 club executives
  • Gave away hundreds of food and hygiene care packages to students
  • Provided $41,000 in awards to students and about $2,000 in Experiential Learning Funds
  • Found new ways to engage students online; and
  • Continued to provide members with excellent health and dental benefits and support

Despite all the uncertainty and change, SAMRU was there for our members to make sure their voices were heard and that support was available. To learn more about the past year at SAMRU, visit samru.ca/about.

Current Student Opportunities

As mentioned above, SAMRU is still looking for passionate and determined students to sit as governors on the SGB. If you think you would make an excellent addition to the team, please reach out to governance@samru.ca.

SAMRU Representation Executive Council (REC) Nominations are now OPEN until February 28, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. Visit the REC Elections page to find more information about nominations and running for the REC.

The Representation Executive Council (REC) elected members are full-time, salaried employees of the Student Governing Board of SAMRU, earning a starting salary of $43,500 plus health and dental benefits. Not to mention being involved in the decision-making processes on campus and beyond!